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Next in OPM

Things get gayer when Sonic comes into the picture. Genos gets some competition, and Saitama is still oblivious (or just doesnt care) that these boys are after his dick. 

If Sonic characters had Tumblr's

Sonic: basically the official Sonic Twitter, full of memes and self-awareness.

Tails: photos of awesome machinery, as well as memes, some reblogged from Sonic, others from other places.

Knuckles: Master Emerald selfies and scenery photos.
-Boom!Knuckles: Reblogs everything his friends post.

Amy: fashion photos and text posts talking about how awesome Sonic is.
-Boom!Amy: posts advice on how to keep calm and talk things out when you’re feeling angry.

Eggman: shitposting and text posts about himself. Like you expected anything else.

Orbot: reblogs from Eggman.

Cubot: reblogs from Eggman.

Cream: photos of yummy deserts and reblogs of cute Chao pics and Vines.

Big: photos of Froggy. That’s it.

Froggy: insightful text posts discussing politics and the overall current state of the world.

Shadow: the account was set up by Rouge. He never uses it.

Rouge: selfies and photos of jewellery.

Silver: links to charities like Green Peace and plenty of text posts on how to protect the environment in order to help make the future bright.

Blaze: polite political posts and text posts discussing positive body image.

Omega: photos and videos of physically painful epic fails.

Marine: selfies (usually with Blaze reluctantly dragged in) and photos of ocean scenery.

Sticks: text post rants about government conspiracies and countless “reblog and/or something good/bad will happen” reblogs.

Jet: obviously Photoshopped selfies.

Wave: selfies.

Storm: all reblogs from Jet, usually accompanied by a pointless comment like “Awesome, boss!”

Espio: reblogs of just about anything he enjoys. He’s secretly a Tumblr addict.

Vector: selfies and various ads for his detective agency. Also reblogs from Espio.

Charmy: funny cat pictures.