funny shit kids say

su critics need to chill tf out. its a kids show. it was made for the kids. filler episode packed with moral lesson stuff? kids arent usually obsessed with the plot like you all are and the lessons are good lessons most kids shows dont even hit on. height difference issues? kids dont notice that shit and god forbid a creator have a touch of individual creativity. bright colors? yep thats for kids too. kids. like. bright. colors. yeah the majority of the people who watch su are older teens and above but kids are the target audience. this show was created for children. now can we all respect that please.

The worst part of the video is Greg saying shit abt ians humor but then he goes and makes fun of people with eating disorders, people who self harm, people with mental illness. Like you’re not fucking better in fact I would argue that what Greg does is worse cause he makes fun of KIDS he makes fun of ACTUAL KIDS. In what way is that okay? Yeah Ian makes edgy jokes but at least he’s not making fun of kids. Also what’s really funny is Greg saying shit abt ians appearance when he literally looks like his face is melting off of his skull

a cool thing: playing old bring me the horizon and someone saying “that’s not bring me the horizon they don’t sound like that”

like if u a 90′s emo

bts as things my blasphemy friends say
  • namjoon: *tries to put candles in own birthday cake while they're lit* ... my finger skin has been charred
  • jin: you kids are too much for me hEY! DID I TELL YOU YOU COULD TAKE MY ANIMALS CRACKERS?!
  • yoongi: the teacher said i need to stop slacking in class and i was like "biTCH! TELL ME THAT AFTER YOU GRADE MY TEST THAT WE TOOK TWO WEEKS AGO GOD DAMNN"
  • jhope: i've been awake for the past two days from caffeine and cold showers but it's worth it when i finally fiNISH THE 12TH SEASON OF GREY'S ANATOMY I-
  • jimin: fucKING FITE ME! FIGHT ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT- oh,, didn't know you were that tall after you stood up aha..ha.. i gotta blast
  • taehyung: fruitloops and mayo. don't ask, just consume. it's fucking delicious
  • jungkook: *runs two miles* *does 50 pushups* *sprints around the track ten times* okay but like when do we actually start?? this is the warm up,, right????
Musings of an ENTP ( how insightful! ) YOU KNOW YOU'RE ENTP WHEN:

You know you’re ENTP when (compilation through the years ):

Exploiting loopholes and thinking outside the box are your specialty

At least once or twice in your childhood, you had an attempt in sports because you think you’re extreeeeeme and got sent to the hospital for it. “I don’t think I’m going to be athlete when I grow up.” 10 year old you said to yourself.

You argue for the sake of arguing.

You question everything.

Verbal-sparring and debates interests you. Funny thing is, during a debate, you’re quite aware your opponent is right but you still defend your wrong answer for the sake of it. In the end, you still win and its hilarious.

Your anecdotes have a few details exaggerated and are usually self-aggrandizing to emphasize on how awesome you are. True story.

No mess, no progress has to be one of your life codes.

You struggle picking an ice cream flavor and ask if you could taste each of the ice cream flavors your friends ordered to get clarity.

Others think you’re stalling whenever you banter and quip witty remarks before doing an extremely difficult task. In truth, you’re formulating and orchestrating your grand scheme in your head without looking like it.
Strangers find you charming and adorkable af but your closest friends think you’re evil and still love you anyway. Even though your feats aren’t of malicious intent but merely for the lolz and giggles.

Somebody states “It can’t be done!” and on impulse, you go “Challenge Accepted!” despite being well aware of the imminent danger.

Your habit of procrastination worsens through the years. And yet, you always get away with it at the last minute. Good for you, you clever brilliant thing.

Conversations with you often involve hovering from one topic to another at breakneck speed.

You can’t engage in a normal humanly conversation without provoking someone and starting an argument. But NOT all the time, geez

You’re labeled to be awkward, confident, awesome witty and dorky depending on the audience, sometimes, all at the at same time.

On the first day of grade school, the teacher asks the students to give one adjective to describe them. All the other kids say shit like “Kind, funny, smart, pretty.” but you ended up saying “Impeccable, legendary, bombastic, gangsta, thug-life. ”

Giving respective names to inanimate objects is normal to you

All the cats on your street have their own respective names and complicated backstories. Someday, you think the cats will accept you as one of their own.

You indulge in watching other people’s reactions, especially when they freak out after you troll them.

You wonder what happens when you mix this with that.

You muse about what’s gonna happen if you do this and even if everyone told you not to. But you do it anyway.

You’re the smartest, most stimulating and most intriguing person in the room. Well, you think are.

You’re overly self-critical, narcissistic and egotistical all at the same time.

People say you have an over-inflated ego that can be sensed a few feet away.

You don’t even know whats normal or mundane anymore. Or maybe you do, you simply just have a different definition for what’s mundane and normal.

You have a long list of friends and acquiantances yet you feel lonely and misunderstood, wishing people truly knew you better. *starts brooding in bedroom only to wake up in your usually hyperactive awesome self as if brooding never happened*

You love asking the opinion and criticism of others. You ask your ISTP best friend for criticism on your latest creation, and your ISTP buddy points out every flaw, while being brutally honest about it. Instead of being offended, you exclaim “Now, I know whats wrong! Why haven’t I seen that before?! ”

You’re gifted with speech, eloquent enough to convince any crowd , regardless of what you said is false or not. Yet you end up rambling on and on just to get the gist of what the fuck you’re trying to point out.

There are scenarios when you’re smooth af at flirting, intentional or not, but when it comes to your crush or actual feelings for someone, you’re a mumbling idiot whose words don’t match up their feelings.

Either you’re a complete asshole or the friendliest most empathetic person in the room, depends on the mood. 

People say you have an extremely high IQ but have the mental age of five. To be honest, you never really acted your age all your life. Its just either you’re too wise beyond your years or just really really immature.

You’re talented at making dumb things sound smart, like the Sophists of ancient times.

The musical library in your MP3 player ranges from bubblegum pop to heavy metal to classical music to gangsta rap music to musicals and Movie OSTs to mountain meditation music.

Your reaction to love is: WTF is love?

You want people to know you but you keep your distance, resulting you into being misunderstood. Huhuhu nobody understands me!!

You’re stuck in an internal debate with youself on whether you’re really an ENTP or not right after taking the Myer Briggs test. You even went as far as taking other Myer Briggs tests.

  • clarinet section leader: guys sleigh bells is not death metal stomping through the snow in snow shoes it is snowflakes landing on damn bells