Society 200 years from now....
  • museum guide:and here we have what we call a meme
  • group of people:whoaaaaa
  • museum guide:these were for humorous use and many famous individuals like leaders, who were displayed in them, condoned them.
  • group of people:Oooooooo *a mother gasps holding her child*
  • museum guide:yes, and many of these people who used them were youth..
  • group of people:*gasp loudly in horror*
  • museum guide:ah yes, lets move along. Oh here is a rare photograph created by a young woman who took part in a term called "shipping".
  • group of people:Oooooo awwwww
  • museum guide:As you can see it is of two men, *waves hand in front of johnlock artwork* who were of fictional creation. She believed that the two were meant to be.
  • young child:Mommy, was this a religion?
  • museum guide:why yes young one. It was also known as "OTP" and many young women prayed everyday to their "OTP". It was believed to the point were graphic depictions of the pair were created of them mating.
  • mother of child:*gasps and covers child's eyes*
  • museum guide:yes it was quite a religious time, memes and OTPs were what many of the youth prayed to.
  • group of people:*in shock*
If I Was Kidnapped
  • Kidnapper:Alright, we've made the ransom call to your husband. If he doesn't wire the money by tomorrow, you're going to die.
  • Me:What? I don't have a husband fuckheads!
  • Kidnapper:What do you mean? We have your phone! We called the number listed under "husband."
  • Me:Yeah, you just called a fictional character with a fake number.
  • Kidnapper:B-b-but! He picked up!
  • Me:Shit, he did? That's awesome, what did he say?
  • Kidnapper:He said his name was Sam Winchester and that he would save you...
  • Me:OMG, random kidnapper, I love you!



I was walking out of Sephora and there was this terrifying noise and I thought it was a murderer or something but I rushed over and found the train guy ran into the sunglasses display.

No one was seriously injured.


👦🏻: “Helshinkii, Helshinkii”
👱🏻: “Shut up Liam”