funny senario

At a job interview
  • Interviewer: So, here it says you speak korean.
  • Me: I do.
  • Int: How do you say "fire" in korean?
  • Me: Bul.
  • Int: Good! Now use it in a sentence...
  • Int: GET OUT!
  • Me: Yongseohaejulge.
  • Int: OUT!
If the GOM Went Ice Skating Together:


  • Would probably already know how to ice skate
  • Would also be constantly bumping into others because they didn’t see him 
  • Would be trying to help those who can’t skate but would just end up scaring them, making them slip and fall down in shock.
  • “Aomine-kun, it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.”


  • Probs doesn’t know how to ice skate.
  • Would pretend that he isn’t trying when he falls down
  • Would probably give up after falling down 3 times
  • Would probably try again when he sees Kise get the hang of it due to his competitiveness 
  • “This is such a bother, I’d rather be sleeping…”

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  • Jimin: You ever get the feeling like no one ever sees you?
  • Jeongguk: I've got a really good
List Of Things Lost (But Found) During BTS 'Bon Voyage'


Episode 1: 

  • Jimin’s Luggage (too mesmerized by the view)
  • Jungkook (wandered off to take pictures)
  • Taehyung (left in korea/Hwarang, no here)

Episode 2:

  • Cable Car Tickets (J-Hope being J-Hope)
  • Rap Monsters Bag (hidden on purpose by staff)
  • Suga (seemingly forgotten)
  • Jungkook (that boy ain’t giving any fucks)

Episode 3:

  • Jimin’s Ipad (ALMOST)
  • Rap Monster’s Phone (ALMOST)
  • Taehyung’s Bag (hidden camera scheme)
  • Rap Monsters Ticket (ALMOST)
  • Their Cool

Episode 4:

  • Suga’s huge ass Ipad (”actually gave JK on purpose” sure..)
  • Jimin’s Luggage (TWICE! I can’t anymore)
  • Taehyung Lost Himself
  • Rap Monster’s Passport 
  • My Patience

Episode 5:


[GIF VOD] Behind Cam Episode 5:

  •  Jimin’s Phone. (This cute dumb)

Episode 6:

  • Rap Monster 

Episode 7:

  • Suga’s Patience 

Forever Lost:

  • Their Sanity.
  • Their Patience.
  • The Staff’s Patience
  • Rap Monsters Passport

Imagine being an idol in a kpop group and having all your group members as friends

Like “wow, my friends are famous people who get millions of followers on instagram and thousands of fans lining up for them.”

I don’t think I would get over the fact that I have friends who are celebrities.
Plus, I would be so whipped for my members I’d become their fan.

EXO reaction when they see you holding their boxers

no that wasn’t creepy at all ..

LOL XD but here it is for you cutie 


xiumin  : *baozi is embarrassed* 

luhan  :

kris  :

$uho :

lay  : 

baekhyun  : i knew that you cant resist it 

chanyeol : lol babe XD 

chen : hahhaha omg gurl you’re even trolling when you are angry 

kyungsoo : hahahah *embarrassed*

Tao : omg this girl she can’t even hold an argument without making me laugh .. and that’s why i love her 

kai : omg this girl im gonna get her tonight to make up for what i did 

sehun : yeah it seems like  you want some of that but you dont want to be too obvious 

BTS as Babies
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Jin :</b> throws up on you bcs you're not pretty.<p/><b>Suga :</b> sleeps all day long.<p/><b>Jhope :</b> always smiling and jumping around.<p/><b>Rap Monster :</b> breaks everything within sight.<p/><b>Jimin :</b> starts weightlifting.<p/><b>V :</b> rolls down the stairs in a ladybug costume.<p/><b>Jungkook :</b> can write his name before he even learns the alphabets.</p>
BTS in a club
  • Namjoon: *breaks 3 glasses*
  • Yoongi: stfu I'm trying to sleep
  • Seokjin: there are girls, I look good, everything is great
  • Hoseok: aye all the ladies come at me
  • Jimin: why is it suddenly so hot? *starts stripping*
  • Jungkook: grapes over those ladies
  • Taehyung: where is the bathroom?
exo reaction when their gf father say that they look like girls

no don’t worry your english is perfect :D

hope you like it 


xiumin : oh really !! we’ll see about that later (Xiu eyebrow doing the thing >.< )

luhan : no no no im manly 

kris :

lay :

suho : i may look like a girl but ….

im RICH 

baekhyun : mr. do you want to die ?

chen : he must be trying to troll me ! should i laugh or take it seriously or run away ? 

chanyeol : *confused*

d.o : im sick of youyr shit and ill plan your death soon 

tao : bitch im manly i don’t look like a girl and im not afraid of anything


kai :

sehun : Thehun (aka oh satan) doesnt like it 

EXO reaction when you thought that they were gay at first

phuongha96 : EXo reaction when their girl friend told them that she though they were gay at first 

hahahahahaha XD hope you like it :)


Xiumin : was it because of XiuHarem XD

Luhan : OMG girl please !! EEW am a ssang namja XD

kris : you must be out of your mind girl !!

suho : Hahahahahah gay ? what are you saying girl ? who’s gay ? XD

Lay : that doesn’t even make sense … we are straight as hell XD

baekhyun :

Chanyeol :  are you even serious right now

Chen : 

Kyungsoo : well … you cray girl ?

Tao : omg because i cry alot and am always with sehunna ^_^

kai : Come here … and i’ll prove that you’re 100% wrong 

Sehun : bitch please you must be kiddin *smirk*