funny pug face

Home Sweet Home! 😁💕🏠 I made it back but boy am I tired…aha ha and boy did I gain a few pounds! All that pasta oh mamma!! 🍝🍕🤤 This pug perfectly sums up how I feel right now after my foody trip to Rome and my very long flight back to Vancouver lol. 😂🐶😴 Its a good thing I wore stretchy pants!! I can’t wait take it easy for the rest of the day. ❤🛏 My new chubby bum was perfect for those long hours sitting in a plane ha ha ✈😙 I’m going to try to get over my jetlag by binging (not on food!!) but my fav shows I missed while I was gone before I see any spoilers 😜📺Thank you Italy for the memories and the new pant size….it was worth it! 😊💖

Photo from @edziehm on Instagram.