funny pokemon

Memorable quotes I've heard from Pokemon Go gym leaders at Disneyland
  • Valor member:"Guys.. Instinct took over all of the gyms, this is bad... We needa go to the nearest gym after this ride!"
  • Mystic member:"Disneyland's gyms are always switching, there's no point going at it alone... We have to plan it so we can build up the gym level."
  • Instinct member:"Haha I just sniped this gym and put in my highest CP weedle.. Look!"
I wish there was a way I could assign more Pokemon to spots around my dad's house because Pokemon Go is making him INSANE
  • Me:"What's up, Dad?"
  • Dad:"I'm making a wooden sign that says, 'Pokemon GO AWAY.'"
  • Me:"Sounds like a fun day."
  • Dad:"I don't know what's in my maple tree, but whatever it is, it needs to DIE."
  • Me:"Could be anything. A Jiggy Puff. Psyduck. Charmander."
  • Dad:"Do you know how to kill it?"
  • Me:"I'm almost 30 and no one has ever asked me how to kill a Pokemon...but, no."
  • Dad:"Okay. I'm gonna go get my chainsaw."