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Zodiac SQUAD: Cancer, Virgo & Sagittarius
  • Cancer, on Sagittarius's back, sighing: It's been so long since we all got to hang out like this....
  • Sagittarius, walking next to Virgo while carrying Cancer: Of course you would miss us; all you did during summer break was hang out with your little cousin and eat snacks while watching anime on Netflix
  • Virgo, scrolling through her phone as Cancer & Sagittarius bicker: You know, we look like a family going on a walk to the park
  • Sagittarius, looks over at Virgo w/ a disgusted face: If that's the case, I would like to file for divorce now, please.
  • Virgo, hits his arm as they both share a laugh together:
  • Cancer, thinking to herself: I would ship them so hard. They would honestly make a great couple, oh my gosh, their kids would be magical and and
  • Virgo, yells: Cancer!
  • Cancer, comes back to reality: Huh? Wha? What's wrong?
  • Sagittarius, smirks: Do you want ice cream? The ice cream truck is coming this way
  • Cancer, hops off of Sagittarius's back and start haul assing after the truck, screaming: ICE CREAM!!!!!
  • Roger: *throws rocks toward the littluns*
  • Roger: *is a merciless hunter who kills for fun*
  • Roger: *murders Piggy with a boulder*
  • Roger: *tortures Sam n' Eric into joining Jack's tribe*
  • Me: ah yes, my son