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The intro continues on, serving as a chilling prophecy of the 1970s insanity about to come.

For one thing, every single one of these characters weirds me out. Including the cat.

Especially the cat, actually… the show is basically Hanna-Barbera copy-pasting the Scooby-Doo formula again, but this time, Scooby is a cat. 

And perpetually looks like he wants to murder you.

Out of all the similarities, Not-Shaggy and Not-Fred are the most-egregious…

especially the former, since Casey Kasem voiced both Shag and Faux Shag, and is doing the exact same voice.

In my head, the real story is that Faux Shaggy is literally just Shaggy, but in the witness protection program.

The intro has plenty of–…

…oh, hey! It’s the historian guy from Scooby Doo and a Mummy, Too!

Nice to see he’s still getting work.

…oh wait, and this is an intro clip from this episode! We saw the ship in the cold open!

That’s a pretty big spoiler to just randomly cut to, Hanna-Barbera. You should watch out for sn–


Speaking of randomly cutting to things! 

Gracious, that is not a face I needed to see eerily staring into my soul for a couple seconds. An intro doesn’t get much creepier than tha–

…I stand corrected.

it’s ok, i didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway

Ted the Animator: “…why does the scientist guy teleport into the frame like that?”

Carl the Animator: “He’s doing Schrödinger’s Cat experiments. He simultaneously is and isn’t talking to the gang until observed.”