funny pictures 2013


My little Ikki died today… she got hit by a car this morning.


my 2013 in selfies

this is kind of a big deal for me, actually. before this year, i never took selfies. there’s hardly any photographic documentation of my existence during the last few years. it’s only now that i feel confident enough in myself to do this and a big part of that is because of you guys. there’s always someone ready to give a compliment or reblog a selfie and you can’t help but feel better about yourself when it happens, and i don’t even care how dumb that sounds. i’m much happier and love myself more because of it, so thank you all for helping me this year. it really made a difference. i can’t wait to see what the new year brings, and i can assure you that there’ll be many more selfies! hehe.

The Daily Life Of Students

Waking Up:

Realize you have school:

See your friends at school:

Go through all your classes:

Deal with people you hate:

Say good-bye to your friends after school:

You say to yourself “Yesss schools over!!….wait how did I just make it through the day….?:

Go home and do homework:

when you finish early {lol like anyone does tho xD} u do nothing cuz theres nothing to do ._.:

Finally go to bed and start the same shit all over: