funny photos

How it Probably Happened

Bob the animator: “Ok, so, there’s gonna be a broken piece of a sign that says ‘KL’ on it. Can you draw that?”

Frank the animator: “Yeah, sure, how’s this look?”

Bob the animator: “Well, if it was ACTUALLY a broken piece of a sign that says ‘Klondike,’ it wouldn’t have a big gap after the letters, but whatever. We can fix it in the closeup.”

Frank the animator: “Uh… ok. Shouldn’t I change it in the first shot?”

Bob the animator: “Nah, leave it, but give the new one some wood texture, and make it smaller… oh, and change the lengths of the spikes. The kids won’t notice.”

Frank the animator: “More like this?”

Bob the animator: “Yeah, yeah! And for the final scene, make it REALLY big, and remove the texture, and… heck, make it two spikes instead of three. Two is better.”

Frank the animator: “Alright, it’s done. Are you sure no one will ever notice all these haphazard, illogical changes?”

Bob the animator: “Yeah! I mean, what, do you think someone’s gonna take photos and put them on a blog with 21,227 followers some day? That would be ridiculous.”