funny photobooth

Ravenclaw fraternity is… Braiding each other’s hair. Watching the sunrise together. Washing the dishes together. Lending dog-eared books. Matching outfits laid out. Quietly watching the rain side by side. Cupping small animals in your hands and smiling. A gentle tug on your wrist. Hand-written letters on cream paper.

Hufflepuff fraternity is… Your tears on your friend’s sweater. Homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting out, still warm. Fingers running through your hair absent-mindedly. Pushing each other on the cart in the store. Watching a movie in a blanket fort together. Noses wrinkled, laughing at a joke that everyone gets. “Do you want to sit with us?” Homemade friendship bracelets. Belting your favorite song together with the windows down.

Gryffindor fraternity is… Starting the cafeteria food fight. Staying up late making S’mores. Throwing popcorn at each other and roaring with laughter in the middle of the night. Bloody noses while laughing and punching each other in the shoulder. Red lipstick kiss marks. Funny faces in a photobooth. Calling each other swear words while grinning. Falling asleep to their heartbeat. Wearing someone else’s hoodie.

Slytherin fraternity is… Ending the cafeteria food fight. Dirty glares at your friend’s enemy, just daring them. Walking past your friend’s crush in high heels and laughing, your heads thrown back. Arms linked down the hall. Whispering. A loaded look across the table. Fixing each other’s winged eyeliner. Cold toes tucked between your legs at night. When your friend lies and widens their eyes at you and you go along with it.