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You know that long montage they always do when they form voltron??? These are my favorite frames. No legs. No arms. Just worm cat. Imagine if they were always like this??? For every single 45 second montage I am no longer thinking about the show. All I can think about is


Noel Fielding and Lliana Bird attend the Pam Hogg show during the London Fashion Week February 2017 collections on February 19, 2017 in London, England 


“What Shall I Do, Lemony Snicket?” from one of the special paperback versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was from The Bad Beginning, or Orphans! 

I took these back in June of 2015 right after I graduated high school and was going to the campus university bookstore after our orientation and class scheduling. I’m glad I did because the bookstore doesn’t carry it anymore or else I would have totally bought it now. 

I just love these questions and answers, so I wanted to keep them as a means to laugh or smile when I was bored or upset. Now I felt like sharing them with you all. 


Just in case you missed Lady Gaga during the half time show: