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So last night I was watching Villainous and noticed that redheaded kid when Dr. Fung was running to shut off the security system for Black Hat. I was like “He looks really familiar…”

Then it hit me and I can’t believe Brief from Panty and Stocking made a cameo in this show.

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I've been reading older fanfics from before info about the metaverse so akira wears his phantom thieves outfit in the real world. just imagining it applying to cannon makes me laugh so can I get s/o (and other pt members if it's not asking too much) reacting to finding out that akira owns a 1-to-1 replica of his joker outfit?

This is something he would really do tbh. Thank you for the request! I’ll combine everyone’s reactions so I hope that’s all right. Enjoy!

Note: Sorry for being gone, I have to keep up with my studies. ;A;

Edit: I had to add Akechi because I have no self-control.

The Phantom Thieves:

  • S/O isn’t surprised at all; they actually think it’s really endearing.
  • They’re actually really into it since they think Akira looks really good in his Joker outfit. my longest yeah boi
  • He’ll wear it in private sometimes and S/O loves it so much.
  • For instance, he’ll randomly strut around the house to make coffee or read a book in his full get-up. it’s a really comfy outfit
  • He’ll sneak in some kisses just to see S/O blush, and he’s super extra about it.
  • More specifically, Akira will dip them before slowly kissing them or he’ll do the Spider-Man kiss.
  • S/O likes to hide in his coat sometimes, or they’ll just wear it when they’re cold.
  • When they actually discovered the outfit tucked away in his closet, they put the entire thing on out of curiosity. including the ‘clown shoes’
  • Akira suddenly walked into the room right as they tugged the gloves on to finish the outfit.
  • He blushed with his hands covering his face for a whole hour while S/O peppered him with kisses and teased him by mimicking his Joker persona.
  • That makes him blush even more because he isn’t even aware that he smirks and tugs his gloves when he’s Joker. that makes it even cuter tbh
  • But when he puts the Joker outfit on it’s a complete 180.
  • Now S/O is a hot mess and Akira is the confident one. he’s wearing the pants now
  • He’ll get them against the wall and slide a finger under their chin to tilt their head up.
  • He does that smirk and brings his face really close theirs but he won’t kiss them.
  • He’ll just hover and brush his lips against their lips, necks, or collarbone while his other hand ghosts over their arm, waist, etc. because he’s a jerk
  • Meanwhile, S/O’s face is on fire and they’re thinking about R-rated things.
  • They’ll get impatient because they can’t take it and tug his collar to kiss him.
  • Akira blushes like crazy but he goes with it anyway.
  • S/O always knows when he’s having an off day because he’ll put it on in an attempt to regain his confidence.
  • They just snuggle him on those days.
  • Morgana is the one that suggested the idea in the first place.
  • He asked Akira to get him a yellow scarf once, and then he told Akira that he should find a place to make his thief outfit, just for old times’ sake.
  • Moving on, Ryuji gets secondhand embarrassment at first but then he asks Akira where he got it made.
  • He makes a mental note so he can order a Skull outfit later.
  • Ryuji and Futaba team up to take pictures of Akira doing really mundane things like vacuuming or cooking and then writing ridiculous captions like ‘need me a freak like that’ or ‘he actually did it, the absolute madman’.
  • Akira did the French girl pose on his bed in the Joker outfit one time and Ryuji and Futaba posted it in the group chat with the caption ‘someone call the cops i think my treasure just got stolen ;)’. 
  • Everyone replies with ‘whoooooooa lookin’ cool joker~ ;))))))’. 
  • this would never happen but i can dream
  • Ann thinks it’s kind of weird but still funny.
  • She actually thought she was in the Metaverse when she first saw him wearing it so she panicked for a moment before he explained.
  • She habitually calls him Joker or leader when he wears it and it’s really cute.
  • Overall, she’s really understanding about it since she thinks everyone’s thief outfits are pretty cool; who wouldn’t want a replica?
  • There was a costume contest in Harajuku once and Ann bought a top hat for him so he could look like Tuxedo Mask while she dressed as Sailor Moon. 
  • they won of course
  • Yusuke wants Akira to model for him now more than ever.
  • He just chuckled when he found out that Akira had a replica.
  • “It suits you quite well, after all, so this is rather unsurprising.”
  • Like Ann, he calls Akira ‘Joker’ whenever he wears the outfit.
  • He rambles about the fine craftsmanship of the outfit and how much he misses his Fox garb, so Akira surprises him with it on his birthday.
  • Yusuke proudly wore it for the rest of the day. he got an offer to catwalk for fashion week
  • Makoto thought she was in the Metaverse for a second, so she touched her face to see if her mask was there.
  • Then she became surprised by the incredible amount of detail.
  • She’ll probably end up reminiscing with him over coffee, saying that it all seemed like a dream in retrospect.
  • She’ll also joke about the police force being taken more seriously if they had Phantom Thief outfits, and then she’ll blush when Akira points out that they’ll have to call her Queen if she wears hers. she secretly loves that idea tho
  • Futaba and Haru think it’s so cool.
  • Futaba actually tried it on once but she was swallowed by the fabric.
  • Then she surprises Akira by revealing that she had her own thief outfit made.
  • One time, the two do that crouch-praying pose in front of dumpster and captioned it ‘another man’s trash is another thief’s treasure’ and the rest of the Thieves nearly kicked them out of the group chat. futaba is the one with the authorization you fools
  • She convinced him to show Sojiro, and Sojiro was completely baffled.
  • “You’re telling me you saved the world wearing that? How the hell did you manage to sneak around?”
  • Akira explained that it’s more mobile than it looks, and Sojiro just sighed before chuckling, “I guess it does suit a punk like you pretty well. Just don’t wear it while I have customers around.”
  • Anyway, Haru could not stop giggling for five minutes when she found out.
  • Then she was really amazed when she saw the replica.
  • It was the spitting image of the real thing.
  • She tells Akira to wait for a moment, then she reappears wearing her custom musketeer outfit and the two laugh together for five more minutes. these two are so cute
  • She smiles a lot when he wears his outfit, mostly because she feels so giddy from the nostalgia.
  • All in all, everyone loves their leader and wants their own thief outfits. same tbh
  • BONUS: Akechi is slightly irritated but mostly surprised.
  • He does confess that Akira pulls it off well and he’ll admit that he’s a bit jealous. he’s a lot jealous
  • “Even as a replica, your shoes still don’t match your attire.”
  • “Neither did yours.”
  • “That is true… but did you really need to point that out?”
  • Meanwhile, he secretly has a Crow outfit that he randomly puts on.
  • He has a lightsaber with sound effects too.
  • Akira walked in on Akechi while he was wearing his Crow garb and swishing his saber and Akira just walked back out saying ‘nevermore’.
  • Akechi tries so hard to not laugh at the ridiculous pictures of Joker in the group chat but he just loses it and snorts into his hand. 
  • yes he normally snorts when he laughs don’t try to tell me otherwise
Corruption At Its Finest: A Theo Raeken Imagine

Okay, so this may be without a doubt, the smuttiest thing I have ever written in my life. I’ve actually surprised myself. If you’re not down for some hardcore smut, which pretty much starts from the word go, I suggest you keep scrolling. However, if you want to join me on the train to Hell (Crowley, I’m on my way), please continue. If you’re still here, I hope you guys like it, even if it is ridiculously long (2K words, what the hell), and enjoy x

The relationship was a secret to both the chimera and the McCall pack, but neither Theo or Y/N cared that morning, judging from their bedroom activities. She was writhing beneath him as he pounded into her, the obscene noises escaping her mouth just spurring him on. 

It was a daily occurrence for them, neither wanting to come down from the high that they provided each other with. The relationship was their own form of nicotine, toxic and addictive. 

When they’d finished, Theo stared at the girl beneath him as she smiled at him. He bent down, taking her mouth in his own, feeling elated when she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to him. He slipped his tongue into her mouth when she greedily opened for him, reveling in the moans that left her. 

And then he stopped. 

“Where are you going?”

“Gotta shower, Princess. Sorry.”

“Fucking tease.”

He laughed as he walked away from her, leaving Y/N lying in his bed, no doubt a scowl on her face. 

When Theo was fully dressed, he wasn’t surprised to find that Y/N was no longer in his bed. He found her in the kitchen, dressed in nothing but his shirt, that rode up every so often to reveal cherry-red lacy panties. 

Funny. He thought he’d destroyed those the night before. 

She pretended not to notice him. It was a game she often played with him, one where she would act as if she were completely oblivious to what she was doing to him. And, most of the time, she would win. 

Theo pulled on his leather jacket. As much as he wanted to stay and play his turn, he had pack business to attend to. One of the things he truly loved about Y/N was that she didn’t seem to care if he was plotting against her pack or not. She was just devoted to him in every way possible. 

“I’m gonna be gone for a few hours.”

She turned to face him, and Theo watched as her eyes traveled down his body, stopping when they reached his crotch. He could smell her arousal, and it took everything he had not to bend her over the kitchen counter and take her. 

“Do you have to go?” 

She walked over to him, raking her hands down his chest, placing kisses on his neck. She pulled at the skin with her teeth, leaving marks that would fade as soon as they appeared. Theo couldn’t help himself when his hands wondered down to her ass, and as his fingers dug into the skin, he felt her smirk against his neck. 

God, he wanted her. 

But that would have to wait. 

He pulled away from her, wanting to laugh at the frown that crossed her face. She was adorable, really. 

“I’ll see you later, okay?” he pressed a chaste kiss on her forehead. 

“Fucking tease.”

“That’s the second time you’ve called me that this morning. Such language shouldn’t come from such an innocent little princess.”

When Theo left, Y/N plonked herself down on the sofa. She was fuming. Sexually frustrated. And then it hit her. She’d be waiting for him when he got back, that was for sure. He was always calling her his princess, and of course, she loved that. She loved the idea of being completely and utterly his. But he always thought she was too innocent for him. Too pure for anything that she knew he wanted deep down. 

So, when he got home, she’d show him just how innocent she really was. 

The whole pack meeting had been a disaster. Theo hadn’t been able to focus, not properly, not with the image of Y/N emblazoned in his mind. He’d wanted nothing more than to be inside her, than to hear her screaming his name. At one point, he’d let his imagination get too carried away and had had to excuse himself in order to gain some sort of release. 

The girl was a tyrant. She was crafty and manipulative and God knows how she ended up as part of the McCall pack. She was everything Theo had been looking for, everything he needed, and that was exactly why he loved her. 

He walked through the door, desperate to get to her. He had hoped to find her lying on the sofa, in the same clothes that he left her in this morning, but she was nowhere to be found. 

“Y/N? I’m back.”

No answer. But Theo could hear her heartbeat. So, she was obviously still playing with him. 

“Babe? Where are you?”


Of course. He kicked off his shoes, and sped up the stairs to his room. But, yet again it was empty. Instead, there was a note lying on the duvet. 

One innocent little princess, all ready for corruption. 

“Turn around.”

Theo did as he was told, jaw almost dropping at the sight of her, feeling himself instantly harden. Y/N was standing there, in one of his shirts yet again. It opened to reveal her clad in black lingerie, the red had been replaced, this time bra included. 

Theo shrugged off his jacket, making his way towards her. He went to kiss her, but was surprised when she placed a finger on his lips to stop him.

“Not yet. I haven’t finished with my present yet”, she took off the shirt, dropping it to the floor, “The rest is for you to unwrap.”

“Well, I guess I’d better get started then.”

She stopped him again. 

“Not yet. Still not finished.”

Theo raised an eyebrow at her, and watched as she smirked. It was one that could have been rival to his own, one that he knew drove her crazy. He continued to watch as she took hold of one of his fingers, pulling it towards her face. 

“I was gonna start by telling you all the things I love about you. I know how you like it when I boost your ego.”

“You make me sound pretty arrogant, princess.”

“Trust me, it’s a good thing.”

Y/N held his hand in front of her face, still with that single finger poised. 

“I love your mouth. I love when you use it here”, she dragged his hand to her mouth, taking the opportunity to take his finger in her mouth. She sucked on it gently before nipping at the calloused skin there, earning a small groan from her boyfriend. 

“I love it when you use it here”, she continued, dragging his finger down her neck, between the valley of her breasts. Theo noticed how they strained against the material of her bra, and he could only imagine how much she ached for him. 

Eventually his finger reached her core, Y/N guiding it over the material covering her. 

“I especially love it when you use it here.”

Theo took the opportunity to slide his finger along her folds through the lacy material that was barely covering it, smiling when he was able to feel how much she wanted him, no, how much she needed him. That thought was confirmed when she emitted a squeal. 

Theo had to hand it to her, she was playing her game well. Somewhat reluctantly, she took his finger away from her, and began reaching for the hem of his shirt. Theo took the hint, pulling it off for her, leaving his chest bare. 

“I love this,” she placed kisses down his stomach, making sure to linger at spots she knew were sensitive, “But do you know what I love most of all?”

“I think I can guess,” she’d reached his waist band by now, causing Theo’s breath to hitch as she worked at his belt, pulling his jeans down to his ankles. He stepped out of them, kicking them to the side. She stretched back up to his level, maintaining eye contact as she reached her hand inside his boxers. 

“I love the things you do to me with this. I love how you feel when you’re inside of me, how you make sure I never want you to leave. I love how you always make sure I can’t even walk in the mornings.”

“The feeling’s mutual, I can promise you that.”

Y/N grabbed his member in her hand, taking the time to massage each individual fiber of it, finding ecstasy in the moans that came from Theo. When she was satisfied, she removed her hand, her eyes finding the prominent bulge that had formed in his boxers. 

She pulled them down, letting him spring free. It took everything she had not to just let him take her now, but she resisted, reminding herself of the plan she had spent the morning concocting. She knelt down in front of Theo, mouth watering at the sight of him. 

“What are you doing, princess?” Y/N didn’t need to have supernatural abilities to hear his heartbeat quicken. 

“Just paying you back for all the nice things you do to me, baby”, she looked up at him, knowing how much the seemingly innocuous nickname drove him insane. She gripped hold of him, choosing to start at the base, licking a stripe up to the top. 

And it was then that she devoured him. Theo was unable to control himself as he pulled at her hair, a small smirk appearing on his face when she took all of him in, gagging slightly. She was a master at the art. 

It wasn’t long before he exploded in her mouth, and as he regained a sense of reality, he was surprised to find her still attacking him. He didn’t complain, just pulled her closer. He did complain, however, when he was on the brink of release and she chose to stop. 

His eyes flared as he looked down at her. She smiled at him in a way that would have any man doing her bidding in an instant, and Theo understood that this was all part of the game she was playing. 

So, despite the aching in his member, he chose to play back. 

He used a claw to rip open the lingerie, letting it fall to the ground. Y/N couldn’t help the giggle that she let out as her boyfriend backed her against the wall, predatory lust in his eyes. 

When there was nowhere else to go, Theo spun her around, her back to him, her face pressed against the wall. He took a moment to admire all that was exposed to him, before latching his mouth onto her neck. She wouldn’t heal from the marks he left, instead, they would remain, a clear sign that she belonged to him. And her, being her, would make up some crazy excuse to her pack when they asked about the bruises, before returning to him the next night. 

And, because they trusted her, they wouldn’t feel the need to listen to her heartbeat. They wouldn’t even imagine that she was sharing his bed every night.

The thought made Theo’s arousal only grow, and he growled before biting down on Y/N’s perfect skin. She cried out, all intentions of playing him having left her mind. This, this was all that mattered. 

“This what you want, huh, Princess?”, Theo’s breath on her neck made her core throb, “Two can play at your game, Y/N.”

With that, he inserted a finger inside of her, earning another cry from her. He pumped it in and out of her, before adding a second, then a third. The curses that left her were enough to remind Theo of his aching member, of her compliments about him being inside of her. Fuck, he wanted her.

But he wasn’t done yet. 

He continued to fuck her with his fingers until she came in his hand. She almost toppled to the floor, her orgasm proving too much for her to handle. Theo picked her up bridal style, before throwing her onto the bed. 

“Sorry, Princess. We’re not done yet.”

She grabbed him by the back of his neck, pulling him close so his lips were inches from hers. 

“I would hope not.”

Theo engulfed her mouth with his own, both battling for dominance. He groaned when she sucked on his tongue, a favor which he returned when he pulled her bottom lip with his teeth before letting it snap back against her gums. 

He trailed his nose down the column of her throat, and when he reached her collarbone, he began to kiss every inch of her skin. When he reached her breasts, he made sure to give each attention. He’d take each in his mouth, sucking and pulling causing her breath to escalate. 

He traveled further down her body, nudging at her core with his nose while he held her by her hips. She whined at him, and he looked up at her, a smirk on his face before he dived in. 

She was a feast laid out entirely for him.

He latched onto her, tasting every part that he could. He’d look up every so often to see her with her head thrown back, her hands tugging at the sheets. She thought he was her own personal slice of Heaven. Ironic, considering the activities they often chose to engage in. 

He continued to lap away at her even after she came, screaming his name. This would be the part where he got his own back. She was close to her second release when he removed his head from between her thighs, covering her body with his once again. 

“What the fuck?”

“Only playing it how you do, princess.”

The one thing that Theo found really endearing about Y/N was how she didn’t like it when someone played her at her own game. Especially when it concerned sex. Despite this, it took him by surprise when she was able to flip them over, so she straddled his hips. 

“I think we’ve done enough playing, don’t you?”

The chimera stroked her arms, the vision of her above him breathtaking. 

“Couldn’t agree more.”

Theo growled when Y/N sunk onto him, the ache in his member having finally found some release. He held onto her hips with a grip so tight that bruises were sure to form, as she bounced up and down on top of him. For him, it was a magnificent sight to behold. 

Y/N was in pure bliss. The way Theo was able to stretch out her core was unbelievable, a feeling that she missed when he wasn’t with her. She threw her head back as she clenched against him, her release close. She knew he wasn’t far off either. 

As Theo watched the girl on top of him, feeling her tighten around him, the Alpha within him came to the surface. His eyes flashed gold as he was the one to flip them over this time, a cry of excitement being heard from Y/N. She loved it when he took control like this, the prospect sending her into overdrive. 

Theo thrust into her, desperate to make them both last longer than they probably would. Not that it mattered, they’d only resume their activities later on. His hand moved to her neck, holding her there as his pace quickened. He pressed down slightly, a gasp escaping Y/N as amid the moans leaving her mouth she struggled to find breath. 

“Fuck, Theo.”

“Nearly there, Princess. Just a little longer.”

Theo felt himself harden inside of her and within a matter of seconds, both of them found their ecstasy. Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she cried out her boyfriend’s name, Theo’s eyes flaring and his claws extending. When it was over, he rolled off her, wiping a strand of hair off her forehead, and pulling her close to him. 

“I think we should call that a draw”, she said as she shuffled backwards into him, his member pressing into her back. 

He chuckled, placing a kiss on her shoulder. 

“I second that”, he wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling into her neck. She turned to face him, looking at the chimera she loved with all her heart, before placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth. 

“Or we could just have a rematch?”

She grabbed his member, ready to guide him inside of her. He smiled, ignoring every primal instinct that told him to pin her down and have his way with her. 

“Maybe later.”

She frowned. Again, he thought it was adorable. 

“I don’t think you could handle it. You’re such an innocent little princess, after all.”