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Anime vs real life

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You know what I think is hilarious

The constant shade being thrown between Onision and Ronnie Radke..

I mean, both men are about 30 or close.

Both men, have a child that is basically the same age as the other.

Both men, have almost exact reasons why majority of the internet hates them.

Both men, are friends with Andy Biersack.

And both men, absolutely hate eachother.

I’m sorry but that’s funny as hell


i think it’s really funny how @Onision calls out idubbbz for ridiculous reasons while also being problematic as fuck. Every example @Onision used for idubbbz being “racist” was actually Ian calling someone else out for being racist and using that slur, like in the Keemstar and Tana Mongeau Content Cops. @Onision is using clips out of context to try and RUIN someone else’s career. How is that acceptable? There are tons of examples of Onision being misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist but of course he’s going to pretend none of that exists. Well, it does, and here’s the proof. Even if one person sees this, it will have been worth it.

Also I think it’s funny how’s he’s begging for a Content Cop because he knows his channels are dying and the Content Cop would give him exposure. Ian hasn’t- and probably still doesn’t- give a shit about Onision or his shitty content. Onision’s not going to get a Content Cop(even though I want one DESPERATELY) because it would just give Onision the attention he so desperately craves.

(and for him to say that filthy frank/george copied him is RIDICULOUS, for obvious reasons)

Anyways, here’s the evidence against Onision(a lot of credit to @shameshack because that’s where I got most of this- they’re amazing and you should check them out)

According to Onision, people aren’t allowed to speak their minds- unless he’s the one doing it. Fuck you @onision. Fuck. You.

Blaire White & Onision Debate

I already posted this mini-rant beneath the debate video itself, but I’m going to add it here as a text post as well in case people have a preference for reblogging this instead. 

A lot of people in the comments section of the Blaire White x Onision debate video, and in the anti-O and O communities alike, are complaining about Blaire’s conduct during this debate: “WHY DIDN’T SHE LET HIM TALK?! WHY WAS SHE SO MEAN? WHY DID SHE KEEP INTERRUPTING HIM?”, and claiming that Onision won by default just because she interrupted him so much. Allow me to explain to you why Blaire did this the way she did.

Despite the fact that Onision labels himself “honest” and “The Fact Fucking Machine”, in reality, he is neither of these things. Onision had no objective to enter this debate with the intent of arguing with honesty and integrity - he uses these debates as a way to manipulate and assert control over others, especially women (notice how he almost always debates women?). If you allow Onision to lead the conversation during these debates, he will dominate it, he was gaslight you, and he will manipulate circumstances, conversation, and even the very definition of words themselves in order to serve his purpose: to monopolize the conversation, and win. Not to debate honestly, to expand his horizons, or to defend his ideals, but to win, to dominate, to influence, to garner attention, and to humiliate.  The way that Blaire treated this debate - as a joke, by purposely toying with him, and by being the person to lead the conversation - is the ONLY way to win a debate with Onision. You have to keep him following your lead, and not allow him to command the conversation even for a single second - as soon as he gets the upper hand, he will take it (you can see him trying at several places throughout this video, when Blaire listens long enough for him to start picking up steam). Unfortunately in this instance, where somebody else is dominating the conversation, he will then switch into victim mode (“she was so mean, she was so angry, she called me names, she yelled even though I was so calm” - even though he has done the same thing himself in EVERY single debate he’s had; I mean, just look at his debate with Joy Sparkle BS last week where he called her every name in the book - but then he labels HIS yelling and insults as “righteous indignation”); but nonetheless, despite trying to posit himself as a victim of Blaire, he will still be angry and annoyed and feel humiliated and defeated.

Blaire knew all of this before going into the debate. She is very well-versed in Onision and his manipulative techniques. That’s why she treated him the way she did throughout the conversation. She 100% went through with this debate not because she actually wanted to have a discussion or to prove him wrong, but literally just because she wanted an opportunity to fuck with him - she actually admitted this several times during the course of the conversation. And it worked. She got what she wanted.

I don’t follow Blaire and we disagree on many topics (particularly conservatism), but this debate had me fucking rolling at how expertly she turned his own game on its head, used it against him, and then won, with his OWN tactics; and I was incredibly proud of her for managing to do so. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Onision get spanked like a baby during a debate, and I loved watching it. Thank you, Blaire. I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS.  

For those of you who haven’t seen the debate yet, I highly recommend it. Honestly, he got tyrannosaurus rekt. There’s just no other way to say it. (Video)

anonymous asked:

He changed it back to per month. I honestly do not understand that person that gave $1000. For a collab?? Is he going to share the profits or will he say he's giving them exposure

Wait you mean masses of people aren’t jumping out of their seats to pay the simple monthly fee of just a measly grand?????? To collaborate with THE Onision?????? The notoriously scummy youtuber who can barely manage to get 100k views despite his 2mil+ subs????

You don’t say. Lmao.

“My *sob* channels are *sob* dying PAY TO COLLAB W ME”


One Last Onision Post

Let’s talk about the last couple days with Onision. He posted a video about Shane Dawson (Why aren’t we surprised?) And had several melt downs. 

Anyway in the direct messages he had with Joy Sparkle Bs he agreed to do the debate on Youtube Live. Then back tracked and said he would do it on Lainey’s YouNow and made a poll asking everyone which platform was more glitchy in hopes to validate himself in some way. (Everyone said YouNow so that backfired.) He then says he won’t do it on Youtube because he doesn’t want Joy to profit. Joy said repeatedly that she would donate everything to charity. She even said she would donate $200 of her own money right then in good faith and she would later prove that all the money raised was given to charity. Onision says no the only way he will do it is if it’s on Lainey’s YouNow because no one will profit. (Lainey is his wife. Even if they have different bank accounts anything she spent the money on food, bills, anything for the kids, or even make up to use on her Youtube channel he would profit. Because they are married so it’s their bills, their kids, their food, and if she uses the make up in videos and gets paid for those videos he again profits.)

So he’s on YouNow and gets excited to see Jaclyn. (Honestly his reaction was pretty creepy. Like you could tell her was so excited but he was trying to keep his cool. Which he tried to seem chill the whole time but you could tell by the way he spoke and by how hard he was trying to stay calm he was freaking out on the inside. Well he’s pissed because Social Repose is there so he tries to guilt him about his ACTUAL stalker. He said Social Repose should apologize to the girl for what happened because that’s what he would do. Which we all know is complete bullshit. If a fan showed up to Greg’s house uninvited he would freak the fuck out. Make a video about it. And call the girl a retarded bitch or a cunt or many different names. Thats how he handles shit. Lastly he made a comment about Jaclyn’s boobs and again we’re not surprised. 

I can’t remember if Jeff came in before those two or after but Onision refused to actually listen to what he said at first and kept saying shit. And even said “How many times do I have to say this to you?” Which is hilarious because people repeatedly say stuff to him and he literally ignores them. So at this point Jeff is like wtf dude why isn’t this guy listening? You know like when you’re saying something to a kid and you repeat yourself a million times and then you get annoyed because they aren’t listening? That’s what happened and then Jeff went off. I thought it was funny. Onision thought he was some kind of puppet master but literally no one thought that.

So Joy finally comes in. She called him sweetie, or hun and he was like, “My name is Greg. Call me Greg.” And she was like “Sorry I get a little brain fogged due to this illness I have.” And then he kept saying she was mentally ill and trying to invalidate what she was saying by that. Even though he admitted he is mentally ill and so is he wife. But somehow they aren’t invalidated? He then made comments about her hair, called her a bitch a couple times, asked why she wanted to get sued so bad. (She basically wants him to try and sue her to 1. Call his bluff. And 2. Prove that he can’t really sue her because legally she has done nothing wrong.) Really just wouldn’t listen to her, let her finish a point, and kept just trying to over talk her. That’s why she kept having to yell. He then bitches out and leaves.

Lainey comes in and talks. She did cry but it was because of the subject not because of Joy. Joy was actually decent to Lainey. Even if she was being fake she still had the decency to try and treat Lainey like a person. 

Sara later came in and again Joy treated her like a person. She could have been being fake right then too but she still didn’t come in an insult her. Even though Sara called her a bitch in her first message to her. 

Lainey’s sister came in a one point. And she did what Onision did which was try and talk over everyone and be defensive about everything. She was pretty rude. So they muted her and she was butt hurt about that. But Joy said she could talk as long as she was respectful. Which the sister could have made her point had she done that. But instead she rolled her eyes and got off.

Greg then goes and of course tweets about being the victim. (Guess he didn’t make Joy cry like he wanted.) Then makes a video where he openly lies about what happened. He tweets that Sara is being attacked on Youtube Live. Sara literally tweets that’s not whats going on. He then makes Lainey out to be the victim even though Lainey chose to talk to Joy and only cried because they talked about Billie. And then he gets in a fight with Drew (Billie’s new boyfriend) and keeps talking shit about Billie who hasn’t said anything about Greg or Lainey in some time. Maybe she made one comment on a video Drew made. But on the internet she really hasn’t said much about the situation. While Greg has. Then I guess he made a video talking shit about Alex and Johnny. (Because they went on Andy’s podcast that Greg is so desperate to get on.) 

So that takes our list to like 9 or 10 people Greg tried to start shit with in the last like two or three days. I had to comment on this because my mind is honestly blown at how ridiculous this guy is. And how people still seem to follow him and think he truly is a victim of bullying when this shit all started because he said he wanted to make Joy cry and to humiliate her. This is the exact same way Donald Trump handles shit!! 

Oh he also told Joy it was Lainey’s dad that he would be using to sue her. He hates his father-in-law and “cut him out of his life” at some point this month so that was funny. He openly lied right there. And he promised he would sue Joy if they debated. And even though he left the debate if he does not sue her he will be caught in yet another lie. “Most honest Youtuber” my ass. 

Alright I’m done.