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Aubrey Plaza Smokes Pot with the Weed Nuns 

TCM Star of the Month: June 2017; Audrey Hepburn


Roman Holiday (1953) with Gregory Peck

Love in the Afternoon (1957) with Gary Cooper

Green Mansions (1959) with Anthony Perkins

We Go to Monte Carlo (1953) with Jules Munshin

Laughter in Paradise (1951) with Alastair Sim


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) with George Peppard

My Fair Lady (1964) with Rex Harrison

The Nun’s Story (1959) with Peter Finch

The Children’s Hour (1961) with Shirley MacLaine


The Unforgiven (1960) with Burt Lancaster


How to Steal a Million (1966) with Peter O'Toole

Wait Until Dark (1967) with Alan Arkin

The Lavender Hill Mob (1952) with Alec Guinness

The Secret People (1952) with Valentina Cortese


Paris When it Sizzles (1963) with William Holden

Funny Face (1957) with Fred Astaire

Always (1989) with Richard Dreyfuss

War and Peace (1956) with Mel Ferrer


Robin and Marian (1976) with Sean Connery


Two for the Road (1967) with Albert Finney

“I was 14 when I first saw Funny Face. I remember being mesmerized by Love in the Afternoon, with Gary Cooper. As a big Ernst Lubitsch fan, I felt that particular movie (directed by Billy Wilder) was the most ‘Lubitschian’ to me in its urbanity. I also was deeply touched by The Nun’s Story because it was the first time I saw my mother in something other than a romantic comedy.”

- Sean Hepburn Ferrer

Theatre Kids : Headcanons

Anon: could i request headcanons of tsukishima, yamaguchi, tanaka, kageyama, ushijima & oikawa having a musical theater loving gf - like it’s the thing she’s really passionate about so she always has vocal & dance recitals, & always has a musical that she’s apart of?

OH BOY IF THIS AIN’T ME! I’ll be giving a musical to each boy (and probably my personal favourites to tanaka and ushijima and tsukishima but shhh) so I can write head canons on that :3



  • tsukishima laughed when you told him you were playing glinda, as you and the character are nothing alike
  • he hasn’t heard you sing before, so to hear you sing about how much you loathed someone was pretty funny and he totally has it on his phone
  • your vocal range is superb and tsukishima is jealous
  • last time you were in the theatre, you were miss hannigan in annie, and you loved your song “little girls” just because you got to act drunk in it
  • during stage rehearsal, you loved the bubble thingy you got to go on and off stage on bc it was the grandest entrance ever, the first time you used it in costume you yelled “WASSUP BITCHES” and rehearsal had to be postponed ten minutes bc everyone was laughing too hard
  • rehearsals are always a lot of fun
  • also, you and the other gal who plays elphaba making everything low-key gay bc no way were those two ‘just friends’


The Sound of Music

  • he finds it funny that you’re a nun in training and won’t stop calling you Sister Y/N for at least a week and a half after telling him
  • you play maria, and he also thinks it’s very in character for you to adopt seven children and then marry their father (you didn’t know what to think of that but you did find it hilarious)
  • he loves the song “maria” and your “do-rei-me” and “my favourite things”
  • his favourite part of rehearsals is seeing you dance and prance around the stage with seven other people following after you
  • your vocal range makes him fall in love with you even more
  • he loves your voice, and bonus points if he rests his head on your lap and you run your fingers through his hair as you sing to him
  • he isn’t really jealous of the guy playing georg von trapp?? like, sure, you two have to kiss, but it didn’t really bother him?? it was just ‘oh that happened then’ and gave you a kiss after telling you how good you were
  • rehearsal lunch dates!!



  • okay, but hip-hop is his genre man, he’s gonna help you sing them lines (work girl!)
  • he adores the period dresses, and during dress rehearsals when you’re not on, he will dance with you backstage just to make the dress swish around
  • he is astounded when he sees you execute the choreography perfectly not only without the costume but in costume  as well
  • if you play eliza he’s the tiniest bit jealous of the guy who plays hamilton
  • and you tease him relentlessly for it
  • he cries when he hears burn, not gonna lie, your vocal range is perfect and beautiful and it tugged at his heart man
  • he’s sad whenever he doesn’t get to see you bc rehearsals, but he understands and avoids planning anything massively big around broadway season
  • tanaka went to all our plays, bc you always got to put a request down for how many tickets you wanted; some for your family and one for tanaka
  • he loved your donna from mamma mia tbh, it was a rollercoaster
  • post-opening night cuddles!!


Les Mis

  • if you play ephonine there is a 98.9% chance he will cry during rehearsals. every. time
  • he also loves your solo and affectionately calls it you “angsting over a dude who’s not me”. you are not impressed
  • watching the movie Les Mis one night and crying over hugh jackman and how beautiful everyone in the movie is bc, hot damn everyone in that movie is gorgeous
  • swanky-ass period clothes amiright, kageyama finds the new fashion trend by letting you put clothes on him
  • he loves every song and he becomes best buddies with your cast mates and friends
  • brings you flowers on the opening night 
  • when you come home stressed from rehearsals he kisses you and you talk about it a lot, and he always offers to help you with whatever you’re stressed about
  • him humming your latest solo as he makes you breakfast


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • okay, but you in Truly Scrumptious’ dress?? sign him the fuck up
  • also, you totally get him to practice the duet you have with the guy who plays Caractacus Potts and it turns into a make-out session
  • ushijima has a good singing voice himself, so it’s like a plus
  • his favourite song is toot sweets just because of how crazy it is in reality, like, he thinks it’s spectacular
  • he loves the original movie as well
  • he wants two kids like jemima and jeremy, and low key he wants you to be his truly
  • he’s cheesy that way
  • he also attends all of your rehearsals and brings you food on the opening night



  • oikawa relates deeply to heather chandler and you don’t have the heart to tell him that she dies
  • you, on the other hand, play veronica sawyer, and he’s got a flaming, burning dislike for the guy who plays JD, even if it does please him that the guy dies in the end
  • oops, guess you’re singing seventeen to each other in the kitchen
  • he likes heathers because it’s black comedy satire, meant to make you think beneath the layers of jokes and references to the original 1989 film
  • also you watched the original film together and cried
  • there were real tears
  • he loves the knee highs (noted) and the skirt (also noted)