funny mother's day gifts

5 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

By Mia Mercado

Mother’s Day is coming up, and this calls for a celebration of the women who have shaped us into the semi-responsible, adult blobs we are. Sure, you could pamper mom with a traditional breakfast-in-bed or some relaxing time away at a spa. But why not give Mom a day to remember with more unique Mother’s Day gifts? Here are some ideas for personal, one-of-a-kind presents that’ll have your mom saying, “You shouldn’t have. Really.”

Coupon Book

How can you pay Mom back for all the things she did for you in your formative years? Glad you asked, rhetorical question! A coupon book is the perfect way to acknowledge all the things your mom did for you while simultaneously returning the favor. Want to thank mom for training you not to literally poop your pants? Give her a coupon that’s good for one adult diaper change! Grateful for all the meals she provided for you, even through your pickiest phases? Say “thanks” with a dinner voucher to be redeemed for one homemade meal of grapes cut into fourths and peas you’ve hand-mashed! You could even give her some fun awards, if you are into that sort of thing.  

Her Favorite Flowers In A Pot Labeled “Grandchildren”

Perfect for any mom who can’t wait for you to have kids, even though you’re still trying to figure out how to keep yourself alive! Now, your mom can shower her love on her “grandbabies” without you having to have any actual human children. Also, peonies smell way better than a toddler.

Full Access To Your Facebook Profile For The Day

Whether it’s making public all those photos from your first year of college, adding her to the list of people who can see your political posts, or accepting her friend request in the first place, giving your mom free reign over your Facebook is truly a gift she’ll never forget, or rather unsee. Ever.

Personalized Office Supplies

Great for the mom-on-the-go! Give Mom a gift she’ll actually use with a fun, personal twist. She’ll definitely think of you every time she grabs a rubber band that says “Sorry 4 the STRETCH marks” or double-sided tape labeled “Wish your advice to not get that tattoo would have STUCK better” or a pencil that says “I only talk about you in therapy a little.”

24 Hours To Herself In The Bathroom

It’s never too late to make up for lost time. Let Mom enjoy a little peace and quiet in the bathroom. It’s the least you can do after never leaving her alone for one friggin second for 18+ years.

However you celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day, be sure to do it with love. Oops, I meant alcohol. Just give your mom alcohol.