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'Mortal Kombat 11' Shaggy DLC Requests Get Responses From Ed Boon, Matthew Lillard
Ever since its official unveiling a few weeks ago, speculation has been running wild as to which [...]

I’m sure you guys have seen the “Shaggy’s Power” memes that have taken the Internet by storm in the last couple weeks. Well it’s gotten to the point that now people are petitioning to have Shaggy added as a DLC in the upcoming “Mortal Kombat 11″ video game. The interest in this bizarre idea has even garnered the game developer Ed Boon’s attention as well as Matthew Lillard.

I personally think the memes are hilarious just because of how bizarre and random they are. And the idea of Shaggy being a DLC in “Mortal Kombat” is hilarious. If you’re interested in supporting that petition, you can sign it here

What do you make of these “Shaggy’s Power” memes? Are they funny or annoying to you? And what do you think of the idea of him being in the video game? Will you be signing it or do you think it’s a stupid idea?