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Personal Opinions on the Signs

Aries: You’re so ambitious. You’re not afraid to push people aside to get what you want. Kinda a hoe. Funny though

Taurus: Sassiest mofo you’ll ever meet. Very goal oriented. Sweet if you’re close to them, petty if you’re not


Cancer: Witty. In all honesty emotional FUCKS. Resilient and funny. Smart and protect everyone at all costs

Leo: Wonderful. Extremely smart. Lw lazy but always pulls through in the end. Tends to be swimmers ????

Virgo: …. Never stops talking or COMPLAINING. You guys gotta chill tbh. Smart but has a low self esteem

Libra: Flaky as fuck. Doesn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. Needs someone who can hit them with reality

Scorpio: HONESTLY?????? The Scorpio’s I know go to Church every Sunday and are so hardworking and smart. Go you

Sagittarius: Straight forward. Lw selfish because they’re so goal oriented. Loves to argue. Just wants to be loved tbh

Capricorn: Socially awkward. Funny when you get to know them. Closes up super easily. Knows what they want, not really motivated to get it

Aquarius: Doesn’t get close to people. Constantly traveling. SO SMART. Knows what they wanna be (lucky) right out of the womb

Pisces: Thinks they’re funny. Laughs at their own jokes. Lw entitled. Occasionally lies but overall truthful people.

me when the teacher says my name and i haven’t done the work


I’m still convinced that Frisk has a potty mouth and Sans’ pet rock is evil. 

Gotta add a dash of Soriel. Hope you get the context behind this ;)

This is based on a funny tumblr post that I have seen somewhere here (I still can’t find it tho if you can link it to me I’ll be really thankful) 

Comedian Ralphie May Dead at 45

Funny man Ralphie May, who turned a second-place finish on 2003’s “Last Comic Standing” into a successful comedy career, died Friday of cardiac arrest.

”We are heartbroken to announce the untimely death of our friend, Ralphie May,” his rep said on Facebook. “Ralphie had been battling pneumonia and had cancelled a handful of dates over the last month in an effort to recover.”

May was in the middle of a Las Vegas residency when he died.

”Ralphie May was a sweetheart of a guy and I’m going to miss him,” Joe Rogan said on Facebook.

He was 45 and referred to himself as “just straight 400 pounds of sexiness” on his website.

”Shit man, I may end up literally the last comic standin’ and whatnot,” George Wallace tweeted. “Farewell, Ralphie May.”

May released seven comedy albums and four Comedy Central specials over the course of his career.

“You were a funny and sweet mofo man,” Bob Saget tweeted. “Rest In Peace.”


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Can I see Kino having a fighting with Subaru

((Here ya go @norajacson34 ! Let’s all welcome the King asshole Kino to our text blog!! :D XD ~Mun M))

Kino was texting via one of his numerous backup phones…but those could never replace THAT one.