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Many More Musical Theatre Themed Questions!

What an exciting title, It’s been a while since I uploaded the last one but here we go:

1. Favorite (Reprise)

2. Best Act 1 ending.

3. If you could go back in time to see a certain production, which one would it be?

4. Who should write a musical?

5. The routine you recreate when home alone:

6. A duet you’d love to perform and with whom.

7. A musical everyone can learn from.

8. Favorite set design EVER.

9. Favorite person to play (insert role)

10. Best digital #ham4ham

11. Make up a name and the ingredients for a Waitress pie.

12. Best tap number.

14. Express your love for the orchestras!

15. Favorite musical written by (insert composer, lyricist)

16. Which part (or parts) do you sing in One Day More?

17. A line that never fails to make you laugh.

18. An upcoming production you’re excited for.

19. Do you have any funny misheard lyrics from a showtune?

20. A musical you would NEVER see with your parents.

21. Musicals can introduce you to new cultures, interests, fancy words and so on. Name 3 things you’ve learned form musicals.

22. Favorite OBC.

23. Cast recording you know by heart.

24. Cast recording for a long car ride.

25. Favorite Miscast performance.

26. I really like these ones so: make 2 musical related confessions.

27. Showtune of the day:

28.  Who would play you in a musical about your life?

29. Who would play your best friend in a musical about your life?

30.  Who would play your romantic interest in a musical about your life?

31. 2 solos you’d love to perform.

32. Describe yourself with 3 musical theatre characters.

33. A character that inspires you to be better.

34. A showtune that always puts you in a good mood.

35. A showtune that makes you feel melancholic.

36. Best showstopper.

37. A place you consider to be your Santa Fe.

38. The name of the prettiest theater you’ve been to.

39. The most intense scene from a musical.

40. A great cover of a showtune:

41. Put your phone on suffle and write the first 2 showtunes that appear.

42. Best design of a Playbill.


I got a bull devil in my dick 😏😜

Zodiacs as Funny KPOP misheard lyrics
  • Aries: Lipstick chicken Butter roll
  • Taurus: Destroy.. My ass
  • Gemini: The loof.. the loof.. the loof is on fiyah
  • Cancer: Sweet cherry blossom, they'll eat them and choke and die yeah.
  • Leo: Show me your curry, you can call me mustard.
  • Virgo: Ayo, Bitch you're gonna die awwoo!
  • Libra: Oh baby girl, you know am 42!
  • Scorpio: Lets fuck and fuck and fuck again I got these stripes.
  • Sagittarius: I'm the jerk who married joe.
  • Capricorn: God you're cut
  • Aquarius: Open your RICE eat Jin and open your rice.
  • Pisces: I got a boy on my chin.
  • Tag yourself. Am a libra. Stan Imfact dude.

Me: *plays Crow Tit* They Call Me Baepsae!

Non-Kpopper Guy friend: PEPSI?

Me: Ugh. *pauses it* BAEPSAE. It means Crow Tit.

Him: Tit. *giggles*

Me: *rolls eyes* Real mature, dude. Real mature.

Him: Crow’s tit??? Hahaha.

Me: What the fudge….Crow Tit is a bird. Crows don’t have tits.

Me: *resumes playing*  yokbwatji i sedae.


Me: *facepalms* I give up.

Him: This is ridiculously catchy. *dances off beat to Crow Tit*

ndrv3 in caramelldansen
  • momota: dance on me balls
  • iruma: cat fucking a handbag
  • saihara: yours only yours
  • angie: four doras tinkle dance bag
  • kaede: its no lie
  • amami: lisa in the crowd said