funny math problems

At one time when a Ravenclaw enters the room, the guardian, instead of a riddle, asked a Muggle Math question: Find 9x + 20 when x=2. The pure/half-blood was confused, until a Muggle-born enters the room, was asked the same question, and answered calmly, The answer is 38, then walks inside.

  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> can you help me with this math problem?<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> sure. Umm, i think when you plug into the equation.. yeah, its 5.6. Wachu think Beka?<p/><b>Otabek [with a scrap piece of paper]:</b> did the same work and got 5.5. Eyo Chris.<p/><b>Chris [calculator in hand] :</b> wait, wasn't it 5.7. Victor, come look at this.<p/><b>Victor:</b> whachu mean you didn't get 3,968?<p/></p>
My 6 yr-old son and 5 yr-old daughter halt their slugfest, because my son had to go potty. After he leaves the room, I find myself curious about my daughters amusement with play fighting (solid hits), so I ask
  • Dad: What reason do you and your brother for wanting to beat each other up?
  • Daughter: We're kids, and kids do stuff like that.
  • Dad: Ok, I understand that.
  • My son walks back into room, and she taunts him into getting closer. As he does, she attempts to give him a haymaker, accompanied by a funhouse laugh.
  • Now they've stopped kicking each other's ass (daughter doing most of the ass kicking), and my son is presently challenging his sister with random math problems.