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Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy)

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How Fryda and Tom Learned They Were Playing Siblings in Mass Effect Andromeda

Fryda Wolff and Tom Taylorson already knew each other from their past work together on Octodad. They did not know they had both been hired to be brother and sister in Andromeda until they were trying to schedule a lunch date and realized they both had recording sessions scheduled in the same studio. 

This led Fryda to play Let’s See if We’re In the Same Game:

Fryda: Is your game in space?
Tom: …maybe.
Fryda: Are you being directed from Canada?
Tom: ……Maaaaaybe??
Fryda: Well, I’m sorry to tell you, Tom, I’m real sorry to lay this on you but… I’m the player character.
Tom: No, I’m the player character.
Fryda: Whaaaaaaaaaat??

This was followed by about 15 minutes of devolving into variations of yelling “what?!” at each other. 

They then came up with a code word so they could speak about the game without cluing anyone else in. 

Between the two of them, Mass Effect Andromeda was code named “Burrito.”

(I love them already.)


shepard: military trained, first human spectre, has a giant gun on their car because there are giant acid-spitting carnivorous worms and geth colossus and enemies in general y’know

ryder: no military background, rides in a large scientific bike while being in an unknown, unexplored GALAXY, lol what could go wrong


Kumail Nanjiani: Space Frog