funny loki

What do you call a fanfiction that you wrote with people hella close to you?

A famfiction

Loki Feels

Requests are open! Send me something from my prompt list or send me something original. Enjoy loves💖

Imagine Loki being the best boyfriend in the world.

Sure he can be a little possessive sometimes.

God help the person who’s eyes linger a moment too long

On your chest, butt, waist, eyes, basically anywhere

Loki tired to fight Steve once because he was “flirting” (you were talking about training)

Thor had to get involved to break up the argument

Trying Asgardian food with him

“(Y/N) I promise this is the best thing you will ever eat”

“Loki, its looking at me”

“Yes darling, thats how you know its fresh”

He’s always touching you in some way

Hand holding when your out in public

Resting his hand on your thigh when you eat

Having his arm around you when your with the team

Resting his head on your chest when you’re laying down together

Choosing him even after all the horrible things he’s done

Reassuring him that he’s not a monster

And that he’s enough for you, no matter how insecure he feels

Loving him unconditionally

For who he is


“We have a Hulk!” Tony Stark warned him! I love how they’re still recognising Loki’s understandable fear of the beast that slammed him side-to-side. At least they’ll be on the same team this time, though it’ll be fun for them trying to put their grudges aside and work together!

“Puny God!”

Imagine Tom playing truth or dare with an interviewer

Interviewer- Well the internet want you to play truth or dare Tom, are you up for it?

Tom- Sure…

Interviewer- Okay, truth or dare?


Interviewer- @fangirl78 asks did you used to stalk your now wife y/n on social media?

Tom-*gif* Yes.

Interviewer- *begins sniggering* wow thank you for your honesty

Tom- you’re welcome *laughs to himself*

Interviewer- truth or dare?

Tom- I’ll go truth again…

Interviewer- @princesslaurea asks have you ever slept with someone on the first date?

Tom-*gif* Yes.

Interviewer- Wow, does y/n know? *he begins laughing again*

Tom- I hope so, she was there *a huge grin dawns on his face*

Interviewer- Again thanks for the honesty, guess Tom isn’t as innocent as we all thought….