funny kid


When bitch mad cuz you dance better than her


Me trying to sing to the radio


A few weeks ago, Harper said to me: “Dad, can we write a book together? I have a story I’d like to tell the world.” So she and I took the dogs for a long walk so that she could tell me her story and introduce me to her characters. She told me of three amazing friends: “Aaron the Marshmallow” “Strawberry the Blueberry” (my new all-time favorite thing she’s ever said to me) and “Jello the Fox”. She told me of the “Evil Pineapple Princess-Queen Bangkok” and of her plans for world domination by destroying all dogs!!! Why? Because her head was full of “Mad Ideas!”

I’ll let you read the story to see how it all unfolds, but when we got home from our walk, I had her sit down with some markers and draw out all of her little characters. Then I sat down at my computer and brought them all to life for her. Throw in a little double sided tape and a stapler and a book was born. It’s short, sweet and a little rough around the edges (literally). We’ll be working carefully on character development and story arcs in future stories, but for our first try, we sure had fun.