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myangelsheaven  asked:

sunny โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… things he likes to do in his spare time when he's by himself

⭐️ he likes to tinker around with the weapons he owns, one of his backup plans for his career would be to repair/ make new weapons for turf war players so he likes to practice and stuff
⭐️ he tries to rest up in his free time, boy has bad sleeping patterns and uses free time to recharge
⭐️…he’s a boy, what else do you think he does by himself 👀

what if there were aliens that looked exactly like humans except their ears and nose and fingers were an abnormal color. 

like, there’s some alien who is all tinted in blue, and you are like, “what are you?” 

and the alien is like, “I’m a human.” 

and then you’re like, “no you’re not.” 

but then you notice the way that they pronounced it. the way that they put the emphasis in a different place. they’re not a human, but a hue-man