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Hi there! Hope you're doing well. So I asked this question to the darkest crow, but since they couldn't speak Japanese they couldn't answer me, so I thought you might know. In chapter 130 of Kuroshitsuji, someone said, "It's true, he is Earl Ciel Phantomhive," and I was just wondering who said that. Is it possible to tell through the original Japanese characters on who exactly was the one to say that phrase? Thanks!

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Soooo… regarding this line in ch130

as stated in this post, it’s 100% Sebastian’s line^^; Honestly speaking, I was a bit surprised that some people thought it’s Tanaka’s line because to me it wouldn’t make much sense since Tanaka clearly appeared after this scene (Sebastian says “He is indeed Earl Ciel” → everyone’s shocked and speechless → Tanaka appears → Bard asks Tanaka if he had known it all this time → Tanaka starts telling the whole story).

Anyway, in the original Japanese version it’s indeed possible to tell if it’s Sebastian’s or Tanaka’s line because their way of speaking is different, i.e. they use different type of honorific language when talking about real Ciel.


Japanese honorific language crash course under the cut for those who are interested in Japanese language:

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  • Johnny: oh, Ten, by the way
  • Johnny: *gets down on one knee*
  • Ten: *oh my gosh, oh my gosh this is happening. oh my gosh it's finally happening after three years, he's finally going to ask me to -*
  • Johnny: careful, you almost stepped on a ladybug, it's bad luck
  • Johnny: *stands up and puts ladybug away*
  • Ten: *deadpan face*
  • Johnny: babe? is something wrong
  • Ten: *dramatically looking away with a strained voice*
  • Ten: i don't want to talk about it

… i woke up with this image in my head, and promptly put off the work i need to finish because i couldn’t get it out of my head.

drawing is too much power for me clearly somebody please take my tablet pen away from me


I spent 30 minutes searching for the pepe meme so I couldn’t not do this.

How some people can say that wrestling is fake!? 😒
I love wrestling, but this is a part of it that I can’t see 😖 However is real and I “accept” it 😬
My hope is to see this scenes less, not only for Roman but for all wrestler … for me isn’t funny 😑

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I find karamel abusive because I find it abusive, but I don't blame the shippers. I worry because I am a mom and hate to see young impressionable viewers not be able to really be critical of what they view. Mon-el may be foreign but they see him as nothing less than a fully functioning adult human and because Kara is all over him, it makes all the wrong things he does seem acceptable. It is played for laughs when it really isn't that funny in real life. Not "ship hate", just concern.

I appreciate you not blaming the shippers, and I really appreciate your concern, but the thing is: from my point of view, Karamel is not abusive, not even close – and I’m 36 years old, I’m very far from being a young impressionable viewer. And what I hate is to see some feminists taking feminism the wrong way by not being able to really be critical of Kara’s flaws just because she’s a woman.

Being a woman doesn’t make us perfect, being a woman doesn’t make us flawless, and men shouldn’t have to agree with every shitty thing we do or say just because we’re women.

I’m aware of all the flaws Mon-El had in the beginning (yes, HAD, because he went through one hell of a character development throughout the season). He was selfish, immature and a coward, but he was NEVER abusive towards Kara.

Kara, on the other hand: 1) forced him to do things her way instead of asking his opinion when trying to make him fit in (not even his civilian name he got to choose himself); 2) tried to push him into becoming a hero overnight (it took her 12 years + Alex being in danger for her to become Supergirl); 3) kept judging him for being from Daxam; 4) disregarded completely his opinion when dealing with Mxyzptlk, despite the fact that he had previous knowledge about 5th dimensional beings and she had none; 5) ignored his suspicions about Jeremiah and told him to leave her home (by the way, he never said “I told you so” when it was proved he was right).

Mon-El had a hard time listening to Kara in the beginning, but – newsflash – she didn’t listen to him either. They both learned to listen to each other eventually, but it took her even longer to learn the lesson. Remember when she pushed him into talking to his mother even when he said they shouldn’t, and he almost got sent to Daxam in a cell because of that? (And, once again, he never blamed her for that or said “I told you so”…)

Neither Kara nor Mon-El are perfect, and I’m glad they’re not, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to relate to any of them. They both have flaws, they’re growing together and learning from their mistakes, and I love them for that.

TL; DR – Every time Mon-El disagreed or argued with Kara was in reaction to her being either self-righteous or judgmental towards him. He was not being abusive. He was standing up for himself, and he had every right to do so.

straight cis white people saying that they’re discriminated against and demanding representation is the funniest thing to me because,

they are refusing to acknowledge how little they are being discriminated against. they are refusing to acknowledge that other groups are under more pressure. they are denying representation and respect to people because they feel they should get what everyone else is getting.

which is what minority groups have been asking and fighting for for decades.

so yeah its funny