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Dr. Evil Took Over ‘SNL’ To Criticize Sony And North Korea

Dr. Evil is back and he’s not happy that Sony and North Korea are giving evil organizations a bad rep.

The classic Mike Myers character invaded “Saturday Night Live” last night to address the Sony hacks and interrupt a hilarious Sam Smith Christmas parody.  Watch the full skit here. 

anonymous asked:

Who are your fav people on here and why

That’s a tough question to answer. I have made several friends on here who I all admire equally. They each mean a lot to me and some stick out more then others simply because of the interaction we have. However that doesn’t make any of the other friends I have or followers I have mean any less to me.

I admire @starmuse15, @bristlee1, @shuploc, @spoonycorn and @simpleagle for their artworks. They are all wonderful in what they do and with who they are.

Talking to @proudt2, @septiceyespeed, @roanofthegrumps, @booperdoopererryday and @meganhermionelovegood can always make my day feel just a little bit better. We can easily joke with each other and that means alot to me.

I love seeing the Gif wars that go on between @lissachan504, @markisepticeye and @tinyblogtim because Mark facial wars are epic!!!

I also love reading all the funny panels and what ifs by @markiplierswhatifs and @marksandrec.

I appreciate the Markiplier Movie Nights that @markiplieressentials does to bring the whole community together.

I love reading all the inspirational stories in both @positive-markiplite-confessions and the @jacksepticeye-confesssions who are run by awesome people!

I love being able to play Cards Against Humanity with @helpimseptipliertrash and @spookfallsteve! I never played it till I met them and it was awesome!

I love @donthitanybody‘s posts because it’s one of the most Wade appreciated blogs I follow. It’s good to see someone give Wade love! :D

I also love seeing the wonderful cats of @kijilinn and just being able to joke with her.

There are only three people on here that are stars to me above all but that is just because of time spent with them! @lizanaya is a dear friend to me that I met many years ago. We don’t interact as much on Tumblr because we talk elsewhere but I love her all the same. @missfushi is a pure sweetheart no matter what anyone says. If it weren’t for this awesome Youtuber Cinnamon Roll I never would of joined Tumlblr and met all of you. @draennerys oh you little sweetheart. She was one of the first people to follow this old fart. I was really afraid that nobody would be interested in me. Yet she decided to check out my blog and then we started talking a few weeks ago. Now we are close friends! She is a legend among my followers because she was in the first 5 people who followed me! Her and Fushi are in that number and that means a lot to me! :D

In the end I love all of you for what you guys do and each one of you matter to me. I wouldn’t play favorites with anyone in the community at all because you are all amazing!

Ok ok I admit it if I had to pick favorites then Mark, Jack, Wade and Fushi because they are the best Youtubers ever! :P