funny how she seems to have a bit of them all in her

Funny how things work out, huh? (Closed rp with Wendydemon)


When Miss Alejandra asked for her to make a trip out all the way out here, she thought she’d have given her better directions. Ivy stood in the park, looking lost for a bit as she gave an annoyed sigh.

No store, no house. Just a fucking park. Great!….or maybe this is a test? To see if she can find them on her own! Looking back over to where she parked her motorcycle, Ivy slumped down on one of the benches as she tried thinking of what could possibly help her find them.

That’s when she saw her. Raising a purple brow, Ivy got up and stepped over to the older lady who seemed to be struggling a bit.

“Hey lady, need a hand there?” She jested, raising her projected arm as a joke.

“No but seriously, you need me to carry this for you?”