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how do u think ur family and shawns relationship be if u dated him for a realllllyyyyy long time??? (like 4-6 years)

I think Shawn would have an amazing and really close relationship with your family. Shawn’s is such a massive dork and so likeable, so honestly, we would have won them over the first day. But seriously, because of how important family is to Shawn, he would - in the beginning of the relationship - have done such an effort to connect with your family. 

I think he’d be buddies with your older brother and your dad. Like he’d come over to watch football or hockey games when you weren’t home, because they actually loved watching sports together. He would bring the chips and your dad would find something to drink. Or you would be home and keep asking Shawn, whenever he was going to come to your room and Shawn would be like “Just a sec, love. The game is almost over” and you’d know very well, you wouldn’t see him for at least another hour, but you’d be able to hear all three of them yell at the tv, saying rather rude stuff to the referee. 

I think Shawn’s charm would have won over your mother rather quickly. When he came to your house, he’d always spend a good fifteen minutes catching up with her, because he knows your mother is very talkative. You’d be able to hear them laugh in the entire house. Shawn would ask her how much of a hard time you were giving her (as a joke), about how her mother was doing after getting sick and if she liked the musical she’d told the both of you, she was going to see. And your mother would ask Shawn about tour, his sister’s hockey games and if he still hadn’t gotten tired of you yet. Your mother would love Shawn, because he always asked if he could help with something. Whether it was preparing the food, taking out the trash or help cleaning up after dinner. He would always ask, your mother would mainly say no, because she knew the two of you got so little time together, but he would always ask. Always.

He’d be the biggest dork around your smaller siblings and your entire family would adore him for that. At every family birthday or dinner or whatever, you’d always find Shawn lying around on the floor, playing with cars or dolls or something like that with your younger siblings or cousins. Or he’d be out in the garden, pretending to be bad at sports, playing football with them and letting them win. Gripping around their hips and pulling them off the ground, letting all of you hear a massive childish laughter coming from - your younger sibling of course - but surely also from Shawn. Shawn would force you to come join and you’d suck, but he would think it was cute as hell. So you, Shawn and your younger siblings/cousins would be running around in the yard, laughing so much your stomach hurts and your entire family would just be standing in the window, looking at you guys and that’s when your family would think “she really found someone special” knowing that Shawn made your family, his family as well. 

Shawn and you would take your grandparents out for dinner or lunch once in a while and just enjoy each other’s company. Shawn would love hearing your grandfather tell funny stories, from when he was young and your grandmother would love watching how Shawn pushed in the chair for you, or poured up water for you, how his thumb was stroking your back or how he was always looking at you, like he was looking at his entire world. Your grandmother would always tell you “this is it honey, you found him” and you’d look at her smiling “I know, trust me, I know”

Actually, that would be the thing your family loved the most about your relationship with Shawn. Seeing how Shawn was around you. Always caressing your hand or cheek or back. Always giving you little signs of affection, without him even being aware of it.

They’d love seeing how you just lit up around him and how you always had a smile painted on your lips because of him. They would love watching Shawn support you in anything you wanted, always be telling you to go for your dreams and neve be afraid to fall, because if you did, he had you. He’d always have you.

Your aunt’s heart would melt every time Shawn told you he loved you and she’d watch your cheeks flush massively, before biting your lip.

They loved seeing how truly happy he made you and none of them would ever doubt that the two of you, were going to start your own family at some point. 

How to become your own grandfather...

Ok, first real day off uni, I have thought of a way to legally become your own grandfather… Incoming Jerry Springer!

Step 1: Marry an older woman who has a daughter your age
Step 2: Your father then ends up marrying your younger step daughter.

Father is now your son in law, step-daughter is now also your step-mother

Step 3: Have child with your wife

Your child is now a brother-in-law to your father.
Your child is now your uncle
Your step-daughter is now step-sister to your child

Step 4; Father has a child with your step daughter

Your dads kid is now your sister
Your dads kid is also your step-daughters baby, thus your grandchild

Your wife is your step-mothers mother, who is now a grandma.
You are married to your own grandmother.
You are your own grandfather.

Dangerous Woman-Part 3

A/N: Ya’ll are just too much. I love each and every one of you!

Warnings: Fluff and adorable little girls

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.  

Bucky x Reader

Part 2

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More Farm Boy AU, this was ALMOST a story ramble, luckily it turned itself into a fic. Bittersweets ahead.

Danny’s out by the edge of the farm, fixing up a few fences that were blown down during a storm the other night. Scared all the cows half to death, they’ll be getting sour milk for the next month with their luck.

Just as he puts down his toolbox his ghost sense goes off, his eyes flash around the sky, expecting Skulker or Vlad’s vultures. He doesn’t see anything until he turns around and finds an old man leaning on the broken fence a few metres away.

The ghost isn’t like one he’s seen before, the whole of his lean body is the same washed out sepia colour, and there’s no glow to his eyes, just a calming paternal strength set within an aged weather-beaten face. He looks familiar, but Danny can’t place where from.

“I always told mah girls I’d be there for ‘em. I’d look out for ‘em. They were always so strong, they felt like they didn’t need me. They’re prob’ly right.” Rough words escape from cracked, sun-dried lips, a hint of an Irish accent peeking through. The old man takes off his hat and pats some dust from it, revealing the thinning remains of what once might have been curly hair. “But look at me, still here, still worryin’. And as it turns out, it was the wrong one I was worryin’ for.” He heaves a heavy sigh.

Danny slowly approaches the old man and leans on the fence next to him, trying to get a closer look at his face. He’s already decided that he’s no threat, not yet at least. Perhaps he lived here once?

“I never got the chance to say g’bye to little Madsie when mah heart was still kickin’, but after… well I knew a couldn’t get near her like this.” He chuckles, replaces his hat and smiles at Danny, a big toothy grin that instantly sends him back to his old house, his parent’s bedroom, a photo on the dresser of his mother, aunt Alicia and a smiling, tanned, weather beaten face.

Danny’s eyes widen and his grandfather nods at him. “Surprised you recognise me boy, last time I seen you you was barely knee high on me. I used to pick you up with one hand!” he raises a fist, strong muscles coiling beneath his sepia skin. “Drive your mother crazy!”

The belting, rasping laugh he lets out is almost contagious, Danny has to bite his tongue to keep from laughing along with him. Keeping a smile from his face, however, proves to be a futile effort as the corners of his mouth pull themselves up of their own accord.

The old Irishman rattles off a few more chuckles and drops his arm down on his grandson’s shoulders, giving him a friendly shake. “I’m glad you’re here lad. I been lookin’ over little ‘Licia for long enough, I think I can leave her in more capable hands now. Hm?”

Danny wants to say something, but the trust and warmth radiating from this man he hardly knows through any bond beyond blood steals his words.

“I got plenty’a family waitin’ for me on the other side, I better not make ‘em wait much longer, the missus’ll belt me ‘round the ears.” he gives Danny a cheeky wink. “That’s if she still wants an old coot like me, she died much more young an’ pretty. Looked nothin’ like this old haggard thing here.” he roars out another wheezing cackle, had he needed to breath Danny imagines he’d be gasping for air after such an outburst.

The arm on Danny’s shoulders is lifted, as is the warmth that accompanied it. So much different to the usual cold of a ghost’s touch.

Danny turns to watch the old man walk away from the fence into the empty paddock, the long grass doesn’t even notice he’s there, and after a few more fading steps, he isn’t.

Danny blinks himself out the warm, fuzzy haze that’s steadily losing its grip on him and quickly wipes a few stray tears from his face as he resumes his work on the fence. His heart just a little bit lifted.