funny gifs of the day

So much weirdness is going on in this picture

Jaebum showing us how he got that back injury while snowboarding in Guatemala “and then I just slipped like this argh…. are you even listening guys?”

Bambam well… he’s just f*cking the floor. Someone give this kid a Valium. 

Youngjae mimicking Jaebum’s sloppy body rolls after 3 shots of tequila, while laughing like a horse. 

Mark about to give Yugyeom what he needs, but instinctively turning over on all fours as he sees Jackson approaching 

Yugyeom ready to jump on Mark but getting choked by Jinyoung in the process

Jinyoung grasping his chance to finally end Yugyeom and make it seem like an accident now that everyone is watching Bambam fucking a floor

and lastly-


Well there you go if that ain’t the weirdest shit you’ve seen today I’m fucking a floor.