funny for its reasons haha

IM CRying real tears right now

So I have a file on my laptop called:

and I was flipping through the pictures

Like mmm yes Jensen and his unzipped sweater


RDJ lookin hella fine


Billie piper can take me now


Can’t forget this great gif

but then



oh yes Ood, take me I’m yours. Hell yeah the circle is now complete.

anonymous asked:

Ten minute prompt: Rose and Ten go to a parallel universe where DW is a tv show, they read fanfiction about them

This basically developed into a one-shot instead of a ten minute prompt… Hope you enjoy!

“This can’t be right,” the Doctor said, his voice muffled from the screwdriver that was currently being held between his teeth.

One of his hands was toying with something on the top of the console and the other was furiously typing on a keyboard of some sort while he stared at a monitor.

Rose frowned and stepped up behind him to stare at the screen. The writing was in some sort of circular language that she’d seen before but couldn’t read so she just licked her lips in concern. “What’s wrong?”

He ran a hand through his hair and spoke again, this time causing the screwdriver to clatter to the grating, but he didn’t even seem to notice. “She’s saying we’re in a parallel universe. But that’s not remotely possible.”

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