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i’m so full from all the hanhao feast

Draco Tries To Be Romantic
  • Draco: You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, Hermione.
  • Draco: Well, third.
  • Hermione: *rolls eyes* Well I know you'll say the first one is you, but who's the second?
  • Draco: It’s this guy who lives in something called “the mirror."
  • Hermione: *sighs eternally*
Truth or Dare at The Night Court


Feyre: Cassian…Truth or Dare?
Cassian: *rolls eyes* Dare. Obviously.
Feyre: *grins* I DARE you to take Nesta out on a date!
Cassian: *eyes widen*
Nesta: (from the back of the room) Do you want Velaris to go up in flames? Because that’s the only way that date would result.


Mor: Truth or Dare Azriel?
Azriel: …Dare.
Mor: I dare you to go skinny dipping in Sidra River!
Azriel: *inhales sharply* Mor…
Mor: Oh lighten up Azriel… *grins wickedly*…if you want, I’ll go with you…


Rhysand: Truth or Dare Feyre, Darling?
Feyre: I’m probably going to regret this but… Dare.
Rhysand: *grinning* I dare you to paint me right now…
Feyre: Okay, I’ll go get my paint-
Rhysand: …Nude.
Feyre: Cauldron boil me.
Mor: *laughing so hard she falls off of her chair*

Why being a lesbian is a daily issue for me:

(Besides the obvious hate, gay rights, equality battle)
A. I don’t like girls in general. They’re dramatic… But I am attracted to girls. See the problem?
B. Girls are so aesthetically pleasing. How do you even talk to them?
C. I have no confidence talking to a girl, like how do you even flirt?
D. MY GAYDAR IS SHIT. Like its so bad I didn’t even know I was gay for the longest time.
E. Girls scare me. Please refer back to A-D