funny family portraits

john: someone smells really fuckin bad……… ringo, is it u

ringo: y do u always pick on me, john? y???? stop the teasing. stop the abuse. it’s 2015. we’re grown. act like it

john: wtf? last time i checked it was 1960

george: when’s the last time u looked at a calendar

john: idk but it is definitely 1960

paul: omg no it is at least 1965 right now

john: oh really? prove it

paul: ugh… yesterday…….. all my troubles seemed so far awayyyy –

john: oh!!! yeah, yesterday was the last time i looked at a calendar. thx, paul!

george: then u must be right. it is 1960

paul: omg??? john??????? how could u not recognize my #1 hit song “yesterday??????” r u ok???

john: fuck yesterday, fuck 1965

ringo: ringo: so we r just gonna ignore the fact tht i thought it was 2015??? ok

john: and fuck u ringo

ringo: of course

(thanks to paulieismylove​ for submitting this photo for me to caption!)