funny faces*


Keanu Reeves photographed by Simon Emmett for Esquire Magazine (March 2017)

“I loved to go to the movies as a kid and I loved watching movies. I don’t know if it was escapism. Even the act of going outside to the movies for me, and watching them in a room. I wanted to be there, you know? I wanted to do that. And that happened in Hollywood! So, I wanted to act in movies. In Hollywood. It was my dream! Whatever that meant.”



making funny faces at tom behind the camera when hes recording and he can’t keep it together

“I’m.. spider- pfft.” Tom starts to giggle as he looks at your face.

“whats a matter Tom?” You asked making another face.

“(Y/n). I can’t-” He busted out into laughter as he put his hands on his knees, not being able to hold it together.