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Y'all can blame @lolzman87 for this one.  Hope you enjoy!

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The Challenge:

Do a short monologue as your “Shadow” Self, include description of what your Palace would be like, and tag 5 friends!
The general idea is to record yourself or an interaction with yourself with the Phantom Thieves speaking as the shadow version of you in the Persona 5 universe. A version of yourself that, of course, by some alternate reality or set of particular circumstances, has a twisted heart and even a palace of your own.
This mini-monologue or interaction with other characters can be funny, sad, dramatic, emotional, or whatever direction you think would suit your personality best.
In addition to the audio or video, also include a brief or detailed description of what YOUR Palace would be like if you had one (wherever possible).
You can post this on any social media you want to, be it facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, soundcould, or other social media outlets as long as its posted with the #P5ShadowChallenge.
Tag at least 5 friends you’d also like to see do the challenge! ;D

PEOPLE I’M TAGGING: Whoever the heckie wants to do this DO IT NOW.


Mental Mindf*ck

The group enter what looks like some bizarre, abstract painting, filled with what looks to be thousands of obscurely placed cameras. Colors bleed from the walls, buildings, even the sky is so blurred and noisy. If you don’t keep at a steady pace here, you’re bound to be grabbed instantly into a time limited purgatory, where your actions need to be quick and concise, lest you die in this place rather quickly. Flashed, confused, and potential loss of stats you hold so dear.

The boss is a cross armed abstract statue with a constantly fidgeting head. Where a face would be, an apertured frame lies and emotive faces appear depending on the emotions shown. They are frantic, constantly changing and frightful in their true forms. She is almost mummified with the ability to confuse the team with a flash bang intense glare, as well as rain down sharp glass shards onto her enemies for an added insult to injury. Unless they can determine what her weakness is, they will only be faced with their own insecurities.

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek


Overwatch Emotes reenacted by my Dad