funny emoji laugh

you grow it long, like to your nipples long. Then you go to some froofroo high-priced barber in Brooklyn and ask for, simply, “a little off the sides.” The barber, a man who has shaved his head bald, will then say (with unsettling confidence), “I got a cut I think you’re gunna love.” Half-heartedly agree. At this point he will take your entire pony tail and chop it in one fell motion. In a series of nervous breaths shortly thereafter, he will say he styled it like “DiCaprio in titanic.” after you shed a single tear upon your hairless chin, take your middle part and just swoop it over to whatever side you prefer. shampoo every other week or whatever. pretty low maintenance.

also think pretty thoughts, keeps the hair pure.


Cole Sprouse on Reddit in response to the question “How to achieve this look?” with the following accompanied photo.


gif request meme • smallville + favourite villain (asked by @bansheelydiaa)