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you grow it long, like to your nipples long. Then you go to some froofroo high-priced barber in Brooklyn and ask for, simply, “a little off the sides.” The barber, a man who has shaved his head bald, will then say (with unsettling confidence), “I got a cut I think you’re gunna love.” Half-heartedly agree. At this point he will take your entire pony tail and chop it in one fell motion. In a series of nervous breaths shortly thereafter, he will say he styled it like “DiCaprio in titanic.” after you shed a single tear upon your hairless chin, take your middle part and just swoop it over to whatever side you prefer. shampoo every other week or whatever. pretty low maintenance.

also think pretty thoughts, keeps the hair pure.


Cole Sprouse on Reddit in response to the question “How to achieve this look?” with the following accompanied photo.


gif request meme • smallville + favourite villain (asked by @bansheelydiaa)


🔥It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…🎂

Rantaro Amami
* How…how…howhowhowhowhowhowhow
* Amami.exe has stopped working.
* And he’s back to having a mental freak out.
* How could he forget?!?!?!??
* He was sure that-
* As soon as he check’s his phone he realizes his schedule for yesterday and your birthday definitely clashed.
* He can’t quite speak for everyone else, but you’re HIS s/o, he HAD to remember your stuff!
* To make up for his mistake he takes you out that night. He asks you to get super spruced up and he will meet with you later to take you to the most expensive restaurant he can afford.
* Of course money is not everything, and he has to bring his late birthday gift to try and fix everything.
* (Spoiler, it was a bracelet to match his, one he carefully embroidered with your name and ‘I love you’ in the inside.)

Korekiyo Shinguuji
* He. Feels. So. Bad.
* Birthdays are really important, as cultures all over the world celebrate them to commend the celebrated’s success in evading death.
* He would not go unpunished for this matter, but right now he intended to mend your broken heart.
* He knew that materialism wasn’t going to get him out of this one, but why would he settle for a dozen roses when he could settle for a dozen of you instead–
* That wasn’t humanly possible, but he could instead flatter you by creating an entire day dedicated to you–even though technically you already have one and he missed his shot.
* He cries silently to himself as he prepares the festival in your honor.
* With his connections he is able to gather nearly 100 people, all ready to worship you like the deity you are.
* In the center of the festival is a shrine with little trinkets he thought would best represent the wonderful person you are.
* …if you find this endearing, and not creepy af…well your day certainly has been made~

Kaito Momota
* *insert a string of curses*
* *pause*
* *insert more curses*
* Way to go Momota, you forgot your love’s birthday. How are you gonna get outta this one?
* Offer to sleep on the couch for starters…
* Maybe a movie night? No too lame.
* Stargazing on the beach? Nope that’s, like, every Tuesday…
* Sheesh what’s a guy gotta do to- wait–
* While you were moping (in your pity party music video) Kaito rushes up to you and immediately rushes you off to his car.
* “Where are we going Kaito?”
* “It’s a surprise~”
* “I hope it isn’t too far, I hadn’t even had lunch yet.”
* “Oh well in that case we had better get going…”
* During the long drive, Kaito kept you occupied with a game of Ispy, that is until he asked you to blindfold yourself before reaching your destination.
* “Okay, now watch your step…careful…and a short step down…and we’re here…”
* You remove your blindfold…and honestly…you’re speechless.
* Let’s just say Kaito’s connection with the astronauts pays off substantially. He was able to borrow the ‘Moon Room’ which was designed to the tee to act as a replica of the real thing. Even better was the picnic spread laid out before you.
* Two birds, one stone~

Kokichi Ouma
* He forgot it on purpose because celebrating your birthday on your birthday is wayyy too lame!
* That’s why his super duper surprise party is awaiting for you this evening, but shhhh you’re not supposed to know ;).
* Even though you were skeptical, you decided to play along and get ready.
* As soon as you’ve gone off to prepare for your ‘special day’….
* Now he’s completely stressing himself out trying to get the best last minute party of the century planned for you because of his big talk.
* He figures the best way to get people there in such a hurry was to lie~ And who better could pull off such a scheme other than the Great King~
* …
* The turn out was more amazing than you expected. Maybe Ouma really was telling the truth about that weird trend…
* However…one of your friends’ comments struck you odd…
* “I’m really sorry to hear that your goldfish died… I lost a close pet once too, so I know this situation is a little tough for you. But you’re not alone.”
* What the actual-
* “Happy birthday, babe! Pay no mind to them, because I’ve got you the best cake money can lie- I mean buy! Eat up~”

Shuuichi Saihara
* He…forgot…
* But…but he couldn’t have…it must’ve been a mistake!
* Are you sure your birthday was yesterday??
* Oh no…nonononononononono…
* He’ll make it up to you.
* He– Okay, breath. Nothing is going to be solved by making you more upset than you already were.
* He just had to trust in his sincerity to resolve the issue. Saihara knew this mistake wasn’t something you could just overlook by saying sorry, so he did all so you could feel loved.
* On the side he used his detective skills to pinpoint and question your friend’s absence (he could at least account for himself because of his investigations, but that was still no excuse).
* By the end of the day he has worn himself out, which is not what you wanted to happen at all.
* So to resolve both of your ordeals you settle for calling in some take out food and fawning over a recently released detective novel series.

* Well he has a pretty valid excuse as to why he didn’t show up to the party, he was malfunctioning due to a nasty little prank Ouma pulled on him.
* He still feels guilty for missing your party though, especially since no one else showed up.
* While part of him wanted to reach out to the Internet for help, the other half told him he needed to decide for himself what to do.
* It only seemed logical to reorganize the get together and invite the same people over. It is scientifically just after all, an experiment cannot be decided after only one trial.
* It must be tested over and over again before it can be decided.
* So that’s what he does.
* He continues to throw you a birthday party hoping that eventually one of these trials will yield a different result…
* After day five, you decide that it is time to give up. That and he was running low on cash and throwing all these parties was the reason behind it.
* Even though no one else came to celebrate with you, Kiibo faithfully stuck with you until the end.
* His gesture definitely hadn’t gone unrewarded and you properly gifted him with three uneaten cakes and a couple of unopened presents. At least you got free parties from this experience.

Gonta Gokuhara
* He could do one of two things: cry or be a man and own up to his mistakes.
* And a real gent owns up to his wrongs!
* He apologized profusely and promises to take you on a really nice romantic evening to show how sorry he is…but right now…
* He insists that he helps you out even more by figuring out why your friends did not attend.
* So you two go around town (breaking down doors and taking names…lol jk) rounding up the invitees who were no shows.
* The first didn’t go so well, since some of your friends have never met Gonta…his appearance can be very frightening…
* The results of your mission: one friend had a valid excuse… a handful were going to throw you a make up party and the others were ✂️ from the squad.
* Gonta fulfilled his promise and made your evening worthwhile for his terrible mistake. And you were certainly not disappointed :3.

Ryoma Hoshi
* S E L F - L O A T H I N G I N T E N S I F I E S.
* How tf did he forget?
* He didn’t have a game or practice or anything to do yesterday???? He literally had no excuse????????????
* Gahhh!
* He’s dying on the inside, but practically reduces his human classification to a step stool for being such a lame boyfriend.
* But it’s even more lame to whine about and not take action.
* He practically gave everyone who didn’t come the bird and primarily made the day all about you.
* His pride and joy, a gift from life even…apologizing for all the bs he had to put up with in the past (albeit could have been avoided if–)
* His pampering doesn’t stop with just being your personal butler, he does extra favors for you as well…like baking…
* P L E A S E D O N ’ T B U R N ! ! !