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Chara would be one of those children…

 On a serious note, screaming children at shops during december. I rarely loose my cool about kids but this is starting to worry me.

 If your kid is screaming and not wanting to go sit on a strange mans lap (yeah, not so festive and innocent now is it?) - don’t, for the love of all that is holy don’t force them. We teach kids to be scared of strangers but we always make contradictions for our own needs to make allowences on christmas and halloween (don’t take candy from strangers…but on halloween its okay lol)

Half of the children don’t need, want, or realise that a photo is being taken…just staring stupified at the man holding them, slowly realising that no, that is not right -WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MOTHER/FATHER BEARDED RED BLOB!?

So please stop the photos with “santa”- so stop with that and maybe put the money towards a gift they want instead. Or buy/hire a santa suit if you are so desperate for a pic to send the grandparents, but i’m certain they would love any photo  and it doesn’t have to have a guy in a fake beard (usually) or  a pillow in his jacket (usually).

 Anyway that little rant out of the way, first christmas themed pic, a quick sketch…and asgore looks high or very drunk :/ i don’t think chara would flip the bird to Toriel…but maybe Gaster was roped into taking photos for losing a bet.


I am working on opening an etsy shop and getting some hedgie-related things printed for sale. Behold, my holiday card! What could be more festive than a hedgehog with Christmas light quills?! And why have I not seen it before?! The front of the card will have the lights on; the back will have the lights off.

gevoth-ski  asked:

Im putting this here because I cant really find the other blogs you have and its one of the first things on my dash but I must say this: Thanks. Sometimes I have a rough night or two and sometimes on those nights I get the amazing and funny reactions that you draw up, and they give me a nice smile before I have to sleep. So, thanks for giving me a goodnight smile. I hope you have a good time

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