funny drawing

Episode 8 of Owari no Seraph has a shared budget:

Some parts of the anime were really good:

And some others…

I mean, all the budget was actually for the decor
And the faces of our characters? Well… no more money sorry~

plain pockets

even in  my shitty little town

if you didn’t wear the right brand of jeans,

they would make fun of you.  I was

supposed to wear Levi’s but my mother

could only afford JC Penny plain pockets,

so I had to learn to be funny and kind,

in order to survive the twin humiliations

of being both Latino and broke. 

One day Cathy Janes was asked by a group

of girls standing near the tether ball pole to see

if I was wearing Levi’s, and my heart froze

upon the black top as she lifted up my T-shirt,

and saw my plain pockets laid bare.  But

she must have remembered how I made

her laugh by drawing funny cartoons

in homeroom because she put my shirt

back down, and yelled, “Yep, they’re Levis,”

as she smiled at me,

and disappeared into the cold morning mist.