funny cs

Laurent is unchangeable
  • Laurent: No law holds me
  • Laurent: I am bound to no rule but my own
  • Laurent: I do what I please, and I talk my way out of everything
  • Laurent: I cannot be changed, altered, or even persuaded.
  • Damen: Don't do that.
  • Laurent: fucKING HELL okay
This scene is still so perfect
  • Makedon: so there's this cool drink and you should try it
  • Laurent: okay
  • Makedon: good good, go make your slave get it
  • Laurent: okay. *without thinking* Go get me some.
  • Damen: *without thinking* *stands up*
  • Laurent:
  • Damen:
  • Laurent:
  • Damen:
  • Nikandros: AIGHT SO WAR
Brotp: Bees headcanons

-zack obviously being the captain of the trini x kimberly ship, even before either of them realize they like each other
-zack trying to be trini’s wingman, without her knowing
-trini acts like she’s mad, but she can’t help but feel so happy about how accepting he, and everyone, are
-trini always drops by zack’s trailer, making sure he’s fed and taken care for, because he’s always preoccupied with his mom
-them always trying to one up each other, which causes them lots of cuts and bruises, and trini gets a lot of scolding from kimberly (she doesn’t mind, she always gets a kiss out of it, which earns her teasing from zack)
-they see who can jump the farthest, who can sprint the fastest, who can last the longest sparring in the pit, etc.
-zack constantly teases trini about her height, which always earns him a punch in the arm
-the entire team calls them the bees, or the bees knees

Feel free to add on because I love these two