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beyoncesnot  asked:

just wondering because my memory sucks and i'm lazy but have you ever done scooby doo meets batman

Yes indeed, and they were some mighty fine movies!

We’ll get to them again one day, but until then, here are some favorite moments:

Batman pulling a bat-shaped cookie out of his pants.

The Penguin being miffed at the endless supply of money in this clown’s butt.

Batman sometimes remembering to wear his tights, and sometimes…

…not so much.

This goblin guy dancing in the road, which – strangely enough – was one of the few things I remembered from seeing this when I was super little.

He and the dryad really weirded me out.

Robin’s mouth disappearing.

And, the best character of all…

this guy.

–Colin (Tumblr | Instagram)

Made myself a new icon (for my main blog) because I just love Zenyatta and Junkrat too much.

They could bond over pranks, I swear. ;///w///;