funny color names

Right to Left ples.

based on this post

SouRin stepping up their game! But Sousuke, you are embarrassing. At least let Rin change before you kiss him, but it’s okay he seems to be liking it an awful lot. TAT Surprisingly, Sousuke was fun to draw with Rin since they just look so good together it should be a crime just arrest each other. OTL

Free! Eternal Makeout: MakoRin | MakoHaru 

Color splash doodle of Sanada Yukimura from SLBP!

I’m currently laughing into oblivion in his route bc he’s a precious cinnamon roll LOL Also I really love the color of his eyes * A * 

Another reason why I picked his route was because of Prince of Tennis LMFAO  but that’s another story