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Imagine taking your best friends, Christina and Tris, to your private training session with Eric.

On the day initiation had started you decided that you would put in extra training time every evening to help yourself. You were the best female fighter within your group of initiates, but you believed that there was always room to improve.


The first day of training was over, however, there was still another three hours left until dinner. That’s when you decided to go back to the training room for extra practise.

You kept punching at the bag until your hands were sore; you were so into it that you had not even heard the door open.

“Bend your front knee a little more initiate,” you jumped at the sound of the familiar voice. Eric.

“S-sorry, I probably shouldn’t be here,” You said hurriedly, looking down at the ground, as you tried to walk towards the door.

“Did I tell you to leave?” He demanded, you looked at him, “You know Y/N, I’m actually quite impressed that even after a long day of training, you still came back in here.” With that, he went to a bag and began punching, so you did the same.

Every so often, he would adjust your stance or movements, and give you pointers.

*End of Flashback*

After that first day, Eric had helped you every day for the past few weeks, and to your surprise, the two of you had actually become friends, you might even have slight feelings for him.

You were just getting ready to go to the training room again today when, your two best friends, Tris and Christina, walked in.

“I can’t win any of my fights Christina, I’m gonna be factionless by the end of this round,” Tris said.

“No you w-,”Christina stopped when she saw you, “Oh hey Y/N!”

“Hey ladies,” you smiled, “If you’re afraid of losing your fights, you should come and train with me, Tris.”

“I don’t know-” Tris started.

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun!” You say, encouraging your friends to come with you. They both agreed and the three of you headed off to the training room. You opened the door, and the two girls stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Eric.

“Fuck,” Christina mutters at the same time Tris whispers, “What’s he doing here?!”

“Relax, he’s comes here to train sometimes, it’s okay,” You say matter-of-factly, Eric turns and the three of you, “Hey Eric,” he responds with a curt nod.

After a few minutes of training Eric breaks the silence, “You’re not gonna beat anyone like that Stiff.” We all look at him until he finally sighs and says, “Let me teach you some basic fighting techniques.”

Eric walks towards the mat in the centre of the room, your friends look at you cautiously, you nod in approval, and follow Eric, Tris and Christina follow you as well, “Alright, the Stiff and Candor are partners, and you,” Eric points at you, “are with me, we’ll go first.”

Eric demonstrates a few punches, jabs, kicks, and blocks with you, showing Tris and Christina all the basic fighting techniques. Then suddenly he punches you in the side of the face, “Block me initiate!” he growls.

After a little bit of back and forth with Eric, he has you knocked to the ground, he stretches out his hand to you, and you take it, he pulls you up half way then shoves you back to the ground and you cry out, looking towards you friends, who have shocked expressions.

“Rule number one,” Eric says, “Never trust your opponent. Now get up and fight initiate!” You get up and continue fighting until Eric looks over your shoulder with wide eyes and curses under his breath.

You turn you head to look back and he sweeps your legs from beneath you. He straddle you as you lie on your back to stop you from moving, and puts his face close to yours, “Rule number two,” he says, “Never let your opponent distract you.”

Your breathing is ragged when suddenly you get an idea; you look Eric in the eyes, grab the front of his shirt and pull him closer to you.

“If they kiss, I swear, I’m going to leave for the factionless,” Christina whispers in disgust to Tris, who just stares at you wide eyes.

Your eyes shift from Eric’s eyes, to his lips, then back to his eyes. You bite your lip, as your heart races out of your chest. Eric’s eyes soften ever so slightly, and he slightly moves off of you, you take this as your chance and you bring your knee up and smash it into his groin. He rolls off you completely, holding his crotch, “Fuck!”

You instantly stand up and smirk down at him, “Rule number two Eric, never let your opponent distract you.”

You look back at your friends and say, “It’s almost dinner time, we should go ladies,” and you head towards the door.    

A/N: I honestly believe how supportive the people on tumblr are, I’ve been reading imagines on here for a long time, and yesterday finally decided to post my first one, and tbh, I was kinda scared, but you all are so awesome! xoxo *Sends virtual hugs to everyone*

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