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逆巻アヤト:緑川 光/逆巻カナト:梶裕貴/逆巻ライト:平川大輔/逆巻シュウ:鳥海浩輔/逆巻レイジ:小西克幸/逆巻スバル:近藤隆/無神ルキ:櫻井孝宏/無神コウ:木村良平/無神ユーマ:鈴木達央/無神アズサ:岸尾だいすけ

Azusa scaring Yuma Part 2~ Azusa is best brother. HE SCARY YO.

Observations from SNK ‘’Party for  Levi’’gag drama cd (Eren x Levi moments)

1.Levi wanted Eren to notice him: ‘’Hey,Eren!What’s up?I made an effort coming here and you don’t even want to greet me?!Are you restraining your shit,or something?

2.Eren is so happy to see Levi that he thought he was dreaming.

3.Eren knows little details abot Levi’s lifestyle,for example: he eats vegeatbles every day.

4.Levi is fuckin’ disgusted by the food Mikasa and the others made him,and he doesn’t ’t even want to tase it,BUT when Eren tells about the effort they made coocking that food,Levi was so deeply moved by his speach that he asks EREN to serve him.

5.Levi constantly calls Eren and draws his attention.He kinda ignores the others (Mikasa,Armin,Jean)

So yeah..don’t tell me we don’t have reasons to ship Ereri.

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Shukan Soine Radio
Shukan Soine Radio

I translated a small section of Hirarin and Tachi’s Shukan Soine Radio like a year ago!! I recently listened again and though this was too funny to pass up. Enjoy~

Hirarin - Um, Soi-name [Soine + radio name = Soi-name]

Tachi - Oh, ok, Soi-name, Soi-name.

Hirarin - Right, the Soi-name is Namio-san. Thanks for writing~

Tachi - Thanks, Namio-san.

Hirarin - Good evening, Hirakawa-san and Tachibana-san. Good evening

Tachi - Good evening~

Hirarin - Congrats on Shukan Soine vol 1~ Kakeru, ranking 22nd on the Oricon daily album chart, on it’s release day!

Tachi - Ohhhh, that’s amazing!

Hirarin - Wow, it is! Thank you so much! There sure are a lot of people sleeping** with Kakeru-san [Hirarin’s character], huh!

Tachi - *dies*

Hirarin - Maybe there’s a lot of people who are having sleepless nights?

Tachi - *still dying*

Hirarin - You’re laughing too much XD !

Tachi - Ahhh…I see…

Hirarin - Well, technically they’re right…

Tachi - Right…yeah…

Hirarin - Yep. I’ve also been listening to it every night since it was released. I can’t get enough of the gentle, sweet and slight bookworm Kakeru-san, who was voiced by Hirakawa-san. Thank you for such a wonderful CD. I’m really looking forward to your doki doki, live radio broadcast! is what they wrote. Thanks so much!

Tachi - Ehhhh?

Hirarin - Wow~

Tachi - That’s so great!

Hirarin - It even made it onto the album chart!

Tachi - It’s not music, though. The CD wasn’t even music, but…. That’s crazy~

Hirarin - Right… What a shock!

Tachi - Really…

Hirarin - Thank you! Let’s read another comment.

Tachi - Alright!

**TL NOTE - 添い寝 (soine) translates as ‘sleeping together’ so the comment means that many people bought the cd since it placed on Oricon (a music sales chart in Japan). Tachi was laughing because of how she phrased it XD

Tachi’s laugh is life, so I want to personally thank Namio-san for the awesome comment!!! Even Hirarin was laughing! Ahh, this radio program was so satisfying to listen to XD I’ve got another section coming up soon. See you in the next post :P