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made-up fic title: Rated M for Memes

this is obviously a fic about viktor nikiforov’s endless quest to eternally troll yuri plisetsky by pretending he doesn’t understand the internet due to being AN OLD MAN.

yuri goes out of town and comes back to find his postbox filled with like 20 different letters. they are all printed out lolcats.

yuri arrives to the rink one day only to have a shitty copy of an “all your base are belong to us” meme shoved in his face. “the printer ran out of ink,” viktor tells him. “but I think you’ll enjoy this, as you kids say, ‘dank meme’, anyway.”

yuri gets an email one day that says “hello. mila showed me how to ‘attach’ the funny pictures to electronic messages. this will save so much on ink costs! this one made me think of you. goodbye.” it is a phone picture viktor took of the keyboard cat video.

when yuri is over for dinner at viktor and yuuri’s, viktor pulls him aside for a “man to man chat” and pulls out his phone. he shows yuri the “can’t hug every cat” video and asks him if he too would like to make an “e harmony video” so that he can make more friends with similar interests to him. “that is what the internet is for, I have heard.”

viktor keeps leaving woosh cat memes on yuri’s facebook wall and he yuri tags yuuri in them. “tell your dumb husband to knock it the fuck off” his post reads. yuuri responds with this. “Viktor told me to tell you this looks just like you.”

Internet Security Tip: One of the more common vectors of personal data leakage is funny cat pictures.

Folks are typically relatively circumspect with pictures of themselves, but not with pictures of their pets - after all, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would be able to personally identify a random cat from a smartphone snapshot. However, most cats are photographed inside their owners’ homes, and unless explicitly instructed otherwise, most smartphones cameras will tag photographs with metadata that includes the GPS coordinates at which each photo was taken. This data is often accurate enough to pinpoint a particular street address.

So guess what? Unless you’ve been sanitising your image metadata, there’s a good chance that anyone who’s seen your funny cat pictures can find out where your cat lives - and, by extension, where you live.

learning about blowjobs in grade 2

when I was a kid in the late 90′s, before school’s blocked certain searches we we’re being taught how to look up information on the internet by our librarian Mrs Calberry. Now keep in mind we’re like 7 and only use computers to play learning games, Mrs Calberry ends up making the poor decision of letting us explore the internet ourselves. So we all gathered around one computer and invented a game. We would image search our names and the first picture to come up would represent that person like “haha Jessica’s an old lady” or “so funny Devon’s a cat”. We go through everyone until we fatefully came to BJ. Yes William or Bill Junior who had always been known only as BJ. we image search his name and the first picture to come up was 2 dudes blowing each other on a stage (idk it was the 90′s) and silence fell over the group as we all took in this image, now we’re 7 so no one was sure what we were looking at, suddenly one kids starts screaming, so we all start screaming, Mrs Calberry comes over and looses her shit turning off the monitor spilling her coffee all over the keyboard probably ruining it. Later we go back to class, the principle comes by to talk to us about internet safety bla bla it was never really a big deal, no one understood the image enough to give an accurate description to our parents so the incident flew under the radar. anyway that was the day we all learned what a blowjob was and were led to believe it only happened between 2 men in the comforts of a theatre environment, and BJ asked to just be called William. 

Today, I fucked up... by trying to show my gf's dad a picture of our new kitten

So today I was visiting with my girlfriend’s parents, her Mom was out and my gf was taking a shower. Her Dad REALLY loves cats, and we just got this new kitten… So I wanted to show him some photos that I took of our new cat on my iPhone. Now here is where the fuck up happened. My gf likes it when I take naughty pictures of her and the other night I took several sexy photos- unfortunately I forgot about them because as I was scrolling through the pics of my adorable little kitty, I landed on one with my dick down her throat & she had this little devious smile on her face. I quickly pulled my phone away and her Dad and I just kind sat in what felt like hours of awkward silence, waiting for her to get done with her shower so we could get the fuck out of there.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to say anything to her about it and make things even worse, but her Father couldn’t even look at me in the eye anymore, and I feel awful. Things are going to be eternally weird from now on I feel like.

TLDR; be careful when showing pictures of cats. you might accidentally show someone a picture of your girlfriend going ham on your cock.

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I couldn’t keep writing without making it.

The gang has a group call on Skype and I wondered what would be their avatar and names, so here it goes :


When she first set up Skype, she couldn’t settle with any selfie she had (”My face isn’t right”, “I look like shit on this one”, “why did I keep those again ?”), so she just picked up her usual logo. To this day, she didn’t take the time to find a proper picture.

Her nickname is Klutz, after a convo with Alya about her legendary clumsiness. It kind of stuck.


As she also uses Skype for the Ladyblog, she kept it formal, hence her nickname being Ladyblog Alya. Because Marinette didn’t put her face on her own avatar, she decided to use a selfie of both of them so she doesn’t have to look at her own face or a logo when having a girl call with Mari.


Adrien managed to go on his computer while he wasn’t looking and changed his avatar for a DJ cat. Even though he finds it kinda stupid, he kept it anyway.

He decided to use Niyes as a nickname because he simply finds it funny and like to use it when someone tells him “no”.


As he models, he is tired of seeing is own face, so he just uses random pictures found on Internet that makes him laugh or smile. Most of the time, it’s a cat picture. His profil pic changes almost every week, if not more.

He changes his nickname every time he changes his picture, using it as a caption for it. He actually pretty happy with himself, despite the collective groan from his friends.


aries - best humor. loud. exciting. memes.

taurus - kind of people to make poop jokes. its kind of a humor you have to acquire.

gemini - sarcastic humor. kind of people to send a picture of dora when they’re are pissed at you.

cancer - offensive humor, whether it be to you or themselves (even if they don’t mean it )


virgo - thinks its funny when things look stupid. serious most of the time


scorpio - laughs at other people

sagittarius - internet. video games. p much everything can be funny with them

capricorn - entirely memes. not one joke is not a meme. old memes. Mr. Mosby jokes

aquarius - is funny without meaning to be. dirty jokes that appear to be innocent.

pisces - jokes no one gets. cat videos