funny but stupid


So. I’m currently on vacation with a friend, and we stopped by a Lush store while shopping. When we passed by the lip scrubs, I recommended the bubblegum scrub (because it’s delicious and works well). They decided to try it, and that was that. 

UNTIL. We got back to the room. 

At first, it was innocent. 

“WOAH. This tastes really good. It tastes like REAL bubblegum.”

And then they stopped using it as a scrub. And began eaTING IT. LIKE A HEATHEN. IT’S NOT EVEN BEEN 2 DAYS. THEY’VE ALREADY GOTTEN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAN. 

I’m shaming them because their pain is funny to me and I hope that shaming them will end the addiction. IF YOU DON’T HAVE SELF RESTRAINT DON’T BUY THIS SHIT. IT’S LIKE A SUCCUBUS.