funny brice


Y’all, this number is a top-to-bottom SHOW STOPPER. Jason Danieley flexing his classical training and putting your technique to SHAME on his high Bb’s. The interesting use of drag which contributes some level of subversion that brings the number closer to its follies roots. Kristen Chenoweth NAILING EVERY SINGLE COMEDIC BEAT TO THE BACK WALL OF THE THEATER. LAUGH.OUT.LOUD.FUNNY, PEOPLE. Fanny Brice would be PROUD. AND! Pissed that Jason had turned this into a conservatory pissing match, hauls out her 2001 right-out-of-Oklahoma soprano. AND!!!!! in a final act of spite toward punkass tenor Jason Danieley and his Nailed Bb, she counters with a D, then, AS IF TO SAY, “YES, I CAN AND I WILL GO THERE,” UP TO AN F. 


In summary, I don’t believe this clip gets enough credit.

the signs as Musical Theatre Women
  • Aries: Eva "Evita" Perón (Evita)
  • Taurus: Tracy Turnblad (Hairspray)
  • Gemini: Maureen Johnson (Rent)
  • Cancer: Galinda "Glinda" Upland (Wicked)
  • Leo: Fanny Brice (Funny Girl)
  • Virgo: Wendla Bergman (Spring Awakening)
  • Libra: Christine Daaé (The Phantom Of The Opera)
  • Scorpio: The Witch (Into The Woods)
  • Sagittarius: Velma Kelly (Chicago)
  • Capricorn: Veronica Sawyer (Heathers The Musical)
  • Aquarius: Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)
  • Pisces: Sally Bowles (Cabaret)
Funny Girl: Fanny Brice [ENTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING BY: mysterylover123/The Mod

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Fanny is a creative gal, who usually speaks in witty analogies and comparisons in conversation (“I’m a bagel on a plate full of onion roles!”). She tends to see potential future problems, like the trouble of her playing the “beautiful” bride in the final number, and finds a creative solution to the problem (looking pregnant). She’s optimistic about her future and loves seeing new possibilities in her environment. “Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade!” When she sees a chance, she takes it.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Fanny has quick quips for most occasions, and tends to dissect other peoples’ language, and conventions of language around her.  She often does the logical thing first, but then sees a problem with it and revisits it, such as the “beautiful bride” incident, or her attempts to audition for the chorus line when she’s clearly meant for the spotlight.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Fanny does like to please others, as a comic and a showgirl. She’s friendly and open with her feelings, but at the same time insecure about her looks and her people skills; she can’t easily sense what other people are up to or what they mean. She regards “people who need people” as “the luckiest people in the world”. But she doesn’t need people, per se.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Fanny tends to base her assumptions on things that have occurred in the past, and reminisces on her experiences sometimes. She will try to do the conventional thing, to try what has worked for others in the past, but that usually blows up in her face. She’s best at being unconventional.

F*ck Boiz Never Say Die!
  • Jon: Lawrence, I'm gonna need you to take the creep factor down just a little bit.
  • Lawrence: Are you sure that's possible?
  • Jon: You're at like a 9 - I need you at least at a 6.
  • Lawrence: [sighs] So... Jon, I need to explain to you the economics of personality.
  • Bruce: Oh boy.
  • Lawrence: I'm not a funny man.
  • Bruce: Here we go.
  • Lawrence: But I am a creepy man. And when it comes to being onstage and justifying that, I have to leverage what I have. And that is reading some fucked up shit on the Internet and then maybe -
  • James: [rings Jon's bell]
  • Bruce: That's four.