funny black dude


Well Cinder, what do you have to say for yourself?
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guess who’s back with bad photoshop skills and even worse jokes

Somebody just shared a video of Jamie Foxx doing the Wheel of Musical impressions game with Jimmy Fallon and commented that Jamie Foxx was “one of the most talented and funny black dudes ever”. And it bothered me maybe more than it should have. I’ve always thought Jamie Foxx was a talented and funny guy. What does his being black have to do with anything? He’s a talented and funny guy who happens to be black yes, but the fact that you have to specify that he’s a talented and funny *black* dude almost implies that in general black people are not talented and funny. And yes the person who said this was black. I find it ironic that I often see more black people than white people feel the need to clarify the race of somebody before complementing them. Doesn’t that kind of cheapen things? Like “hey look how talented this BLACK person is!!! Pretty amazing considering they’re BLACK and all, right????” And they’ll say it’s because of “erasure” and white people not recognizing black talents, but I see way more of my white friends simply complement people who happen to be black without bothering to mention their race. We have eyes, we can see that they’re black. Why make that the focus instead of their talent?