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You’re Mine - Cole  Fluff

Request: Can u PLEASE do one with cole where he’s been spending too much time working or with lili and you get jealous so u start hanging out with Kj more and cole gets supper possessive and jealous and overprotective and like claims u as his or something fucking cute like that. 

Warnings: Mild language, using the lord’s name in vain (idk if that’s a warning or not?)

Notes: None :)

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“Where’s your boyfriend?”. Ross asks, coming up behind me. I point over to where Cole and Lili were laughing and joking around with each other. “Oh”, was all he managed to say. 

“Yep”, I say awkwardly, going over to the food stand and pouring myself a cup of coffee. 


It’s been about 2 weeks after I arrived to the set to spend time with Cole, and I feel miserable and all I wanna do is go home, because he’s spent more time with Lili and he hasn’t been acknowledging me - his fucking girlfriend. I roll my eyes as I pass them on my way to K.J’s trailer.

“You should make him jealous”, I heard K.J suddenly say as he came up behind me, scaring the living daylight out of me. 

“Jesus, K.J. You scared me”, I gasped as I clenched my chest in fright. 

“Aw I’m sorry”, he laughed and put his arm around me. K.J and I have become really good friends and we talk about everything - even about Cole. We walk into his trailer and I sit down on the couch, whist K.J goes to the tiny kitchen and makes us coffee. 

“I don’t know what to do about Cole”, I sighed. 

“Like I said before; making him jealous”

“How though? And what good would it do anyway?”

“Spend more time with me and don’t acknowledge him.. You never know, he might actually pay attention to you once he figures out that you’re not talking to him”, he says, passing me a cup of coffee. 

“Why do I get the feeling that you’ve done this before?”

“Because I have”, he laughs. 


Cole had finished a scene and was walking over to K.J and I. We were laughing and talking about a funny youtube video we watched previously.

“Hey, baby”, Cole says, kissing my cheek. 

“Hey”, I reply bluntly back, reverting my attention back to K.J. 

“Can we talk?”, Cole interrupts again.

“Yeah after I’ve finished this conversation with my friend who’s been very supportive and with me for the entire 2 weeks that I’ve been here - unlike you”. K.J smirks and raises an eyebrow at my saltiness, trying so hard not to laugh. 

“It’s okay, we’ll continue this later”, he smiles and hugs me before walking away, leaving Cole and I alone. He grabs my hand and roughly leads me to his trailer.

“I don’t appreciate how salty you’ve been to me these couple days”, Cole growls. 

“And I don’t appreciate how we’ve barely held a conversation without you mentioning or spending time with Lili”, I shot back. He rolls his eyes and backs me against the wall, placing his hands on either side of my head. 

“You’re mine. Only mine. Not K.J’s. Mine. Do you understand?”

“You know, I just love how you just completely ignore my statement”, I sarcastically say. 

“I’m sorry, Y/n”, he says quietly, looking down. “She plays my love interest in the show, and we have a kiss scene coming up, so we’re just trying to feel more comfortable around each other so it’s not awkward”, Cole explains. I sigh, taking in what he just said. 

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“You’re mine, okay?”

“I’m yours”


Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#146: He has such a unique approach to things.

(ok seriously though, how true is his description here!)

(gifs thanks to the talented @dan-howell)

dan acknowledged the confusion of sexuality and I can’t even admit that to my two friends yet he willingly ‘admitted’ it to millions of people and that’s something I look up to

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Ever since Juliet texted Max, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about babies. Baby laughs, baby clothes, baby fingers; she’d even watched funny videos of babies on youtube. But when she heard Lorena come inside, she smiled widely, grabbing a pillow from the couch and running to the door. “Hey babe, what do you think?” she asked, and underlying teasing tone as she stuffed the pillow under her shirt. “Is it a good look or no?”


Baby Elephant vs. Birds