funny atl

  • Me : I wanna die ugh
  • All Time Low : Our new album comes out in less than two weeks
  • Bring Me The Horizon : We've working on new music
  • You Me At Six : We wanna do a ten year anniversary tour for Take Off Your Colours
  • Me : I guess I'll stick around a little longer then
  • teachers: your grades are at an all time low
  • me: all time low?!? i LOVE all time low!! who's your favourite? i personally can't pick just one, they're all sO talented. How do you like their newest album, Last Young Renegade? I know all of it hasn't been released but-
  • teachers: THAT'S NOT WHAT WE MEANT

I got bored and that resulted in me making some atl wallpaper, feel free to use :)