funny as sht

anonymous asked:

I think your commentary is funny as sht. Especially in whatever last chapter creepy stalker hoe was being.. a creepy stalker hoe.

Thanks Anon, I just say what’s in my heart 

celinedontcaremuch  asked:

funny sht when the evil queen of darkness so many people hate on has prolly written more fluff than dark sht xD

Omfg shut up, Celi. Their feelings get hurt when they realize they mouth off about me without knowing shit about me first, lmao. Now I might hear about even more bitching. You know… My rep as a “meen dark fanz” is at stake here cos all my other fics came up.

Besides all that, I always had this philosophy, “That a writer can only be good if they can write variety. If they can write any situation, any emotion and any type of character instead of sticking to just one genre, they’re ready for anything.”

So my fic section in my blog is varied. I have fluff, humor, drama, angst, horror, smut and non smut, different ratings, original and fanfiction, whatever but you know haters gonna hate and make up stuff when it’s convenient 😪.

Don’t damage my rep, ignorant haters make me famous. 😤