funny as hell

Adam: Go..go..go..go down.

Hannah: It’s crushing me.

Adam: Move! I got it. I got it. Just go. I got it. I so got it. Just leave leave. LOOK! THERE’S AN ICE CREAM TRUCK OUTSIDE! Go!

Hannah: Ok.

Adam: Go!

Hannah: Are you sure?


Hannah: I’ll help you..

Adam: NO! Just walk away!

-HBO Girls, Season 1, Episode 10

Whitley meeting Ruby for the first time.
  • <p> <b>Ruby:</b> So you're Weiss' brother?<p/><b>Whitley:</b> *can't stop staring at Ruby* That's correct. And you're Ruby Rose?<p/><b>Ruby:</b> Yup *holds out hand* it's nice to meet you.<p/><b>Whitley:</b> *grabs Ruby's hand and kisses it* Please Miss Rose, the pleasure is all mine.<p/><b></b> *winks at Ruby*<p/><b>Ruby:</b> *blushes and starts mumbling incoherently*<p/><b>Whitley:</b> You know Miss Rose, my favorite colors are white and blue.<p/><b>Whitley:</b> And I can see that your favorite colors are black and red.<p/><b>Whitley:</b> What do you say about helping me make gray and purple? You just have to join me in my- *stops as he feels two different hands on each of his shoulders and turns around to find Taiyang and Qrow behind him*<p/><b>Qrow:</b> * leans down to whisper in Whitley's ear* Hey, you little piece if Shitley. Blood is red, bruises are sometimes blue...<p/><b>Taiyang:</b> *leans down to whisper in the other ear* If you finish that pick-up line, we'll fucking kill you.<p/><b>Whitley:</b> *runs away screaming*<p/><b>Ruby:</b> *looks at her dad and uncle curiously* What did you guys say to him?<p/><b>Tai and Qrow:</b> Nothing. Nothing at all.<p/></p>


10 minutes long…but worth every second! 😂