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Heaven or Hell (FF) Chapter 2

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Group: BTS and some GOT7

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Maybe some other stuff later on too.

“Know him?” Tae asked

“Ya. But i wish i didnt.” Jungkook said as he stood up and walked towards the boys and Rose.

He made eye contact with the one i assumed was called Jackson, they stayed still with stiff eye contact for what seemed like forever. everything and everyone was silent not wanting to anger either of them. Jungkook kept the eye contact and just walked past the boys bumping into Jackson on his way out of the classroom door. Before he exited the room he simply said

“Nice to see you with your new friends Bam.” He patted a rather tall boys sholder as he said this then left.

Everyone started whispering about what just happened, gossiping, people tend to do that alot. Namjoon turned to me.

“Do you know what that was all about Y/N?” He said quietly, probobly not wanting to atract the other group of boys attention.

“I have no idea, but its not gonna end good for anyone. I’m gonna go check on him.” i stood up after saying this and i was about to walk away and go check on Jungkook and see if he needed anything but a hand grabbed my wrist and a voice was heard from the owner of the hand.

“Stop. He seems like he just needs to breath, and be alone for a while.” I looked back to see who was still holding my wrist. It was Jin. I did what he suggested and i sat back down in my seat. Rose was still talking with the other group of boys. I just sat and watched as everyone else was having a nice conversation with someone else, but i was all alone, again.

“Hey, wait, wheres the teacher?” I quickly looked to the person speaking.

“They should have been here, like, awhile ago, huh” Namjoon said as we all processed his words and been to wonder where this teacher is. Missing? On the first day of school? huh, weird. Just as my mind had almost forgotten about the teacher the classroom door flies open and a shorter man in a business suit walks, uh more like runs into the class.

“Im sorry i am late class, Lots of traffic and Ive got to take care of my baby. My name is Jiyong, I will be your teacher this year. Please be good, ok” Jiyong stated and put his briefcase on his desk and stood at the front of the class and was about to start the lesson. But Rose and that band of boys was still standing at the front of the classroom.

“Take your seat please, are you even in this class?” The teacher asked as he stepped closer to the tall boy Jungkook called Bam earlier.

“No, were not only the girl is. But well be on our way now. sorry to bother you, Sir.” A very nice looking boy said with lots of attitude and sass. All the boys left the classroom and Rose sat back down in her seat, i was hoping that they wouldn’t run into Jungkook on their way out, they seemed to make him really upset. The teacher stood up and started doing attendance. Everyone sounded so bored and they said ‘here’, but at least everyone was here. except Jungkook.

“Umm, Can i, uh, go to the bathroom, please” I asked the teacher with my hand raised and all eyes on me.

“Sure, but please hurry were already very late in our lesson today” He replied. i calmly walked to the door in hopes of finding Jungkook and bringing him back to class before he gets in any trouble.


I didn’t stray far from the class. I just went to the bathroom washed my face and called, him. He said to keep a close eye on Y/N. “Im not scared or worried” I lied to myself over and over again. If Y/N was in any kind of trouble id be worried id be scared, for her, I’m just supposed to protect her not be scared when someone yells at her. Damn, I’m bad at my job aren’t i?

I walked out of the bathroom with the plans of going back into the class and hope the teacher was finally there. I turned the corner and there they were, were they waiting for me the whole time? Whatever.

“Look who it is. The little shit. Always failing at his jobs!” Jaebum said as i walked closer to them, they were all laughing all seven of them. Even BamBam.

“Ya. Its so true tho!! And why does he always fail at his jobs? BECAUSE OF US!!” Jackson said with a slight snicker as i walked even closer to them, faster, angrier.

I stopped walking as i was now holding the collar of Jacksons shirt, i was ready, i was so ready to punch his fucking face in. He was, laughing?

“Aww. Cute, your gonna punch me. You now when you should have punched me? When i had your brothers throat in my hands.”

anonymous asked:

I hope I am not burdering you with thid but as an underage viewer first I d like to say thanks for this message because I kinda had a wrong vision on sex. And what would u call normal sex ?

Normal sex, especially the first few times you do it and depending on who you are doing it with, can be rushed and mediocre, but mostly, it can be awkward. By that, I mean that you may accidentally elbow one another when changing positions, the positions you may get into are not always comfortable and a lot of readjusting can be involved before you get it right, his dick will fall out of you a few times because (bless that they try) it is not as easy to keep up a steady and precisely accurate thrusting rhythm as it seems, dirty talk sounds weirder when somebody actually says it rather than when you read it. Also, it is messy with sweat and other bodily fluids, and it is not terrifically thrilling every single time that you do it.

Sex outside of fiction, to put it simply, is as natural as can be. Like general human interaction, but you are naked and his dick is inside of you at a funny angle and you are laying there, trying to think of the right way to say to him: “Hey, move your hips lower, your dick is jabbing into my bladder and it makes me feel like I need to pee,” without ruining the moment. 

More often than not, the guy will come after a few minutes and you will be left unsatisfied unless this guy is dedicated to you receiving your pleasure, and even then, he might not be able to make you orgasm because his technique may not work on your body. I mean that in regards to him not being able to stimulate you correctly, which I have experienced loads of times because some guys can really suck at finding the clitoris. That is another thing, a girl rarely, rarely orgasms solely via penetration – direct clitoral stimulation has to be involved ninety percent of the time for a girl to reach her climax. Managing to come together, or in complete succession to one another is also a rare experience, like the unicorn of fucking. It has never happened to me, and I only know one guy who has done it with his girlfriend and they both consider it the grandest achievement of their relationship. It is that rare.

Let me just sum this up by saying that sex is nothing like we write it. The sex that we write is like wiping all of the realistic imperfections away and adding a bucketload of sparkles and happiness on top of it to conceal how artificial we have made it. Sure, some fics portray smut scenes that are relatively realistic, mostly relatable to a real life couple who know their partner’s body better than their own and understand the ways of pleasuring them. Though the best thing for you to do is read the smut while you are in the moment of the story, but never take any genuine advice from it and think it can be adaptable to a real life situation.

To finish this off, I would like to crack some more smut scene tropes by saying that: Shower sex washes away natural lubrication so it can be pretty painful when he is essentially trying to stick his dick in you while you are “dry” of that natural lubrication. Morning sex factors in morning breath, which is a true testament to how strong your relationship is. Sex against walls hurts your spine and the guy is quick to get tired of holding you up against it unless he has the physical strength of Hugh Jackman and Chris Evans combined. That also goes for all sex positions that involve any form of lifting or supporting the other’s weight. Dirty talk rarely flows smoothly, if it is even used at all, which is generally something to be discussed before engaging with your partner. Lastly, taking it in the ass requires a lot of preparation, a lot of lube and a lot of pre-cleaning of your ass because nobody wants to get feces involved in the fun times.

I hope this all could assist you in some way with your understanding of how real life sex works, and I will also use this ending line to say one more thing, quite possibly the most important of all: Wear condoms. Wear fucking condoms.

Book Preview:

Inspired by a text I sent to my friend when we were rewatching season 2 recently. 😂 


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How does one not only cuddle but cuddle very well?

The trick to cuddling is make sure you’re both comfy. If your arm is falling asleep or her neck is crooked at a funny angle it’s gonna be awkward. To cuddle well it is very important that you are both relaxed.

Next I highly recommend you keep your hands moving. Play with her hair, run your hand down her side, hold hands and do the thumb thing. Cuddling doesn’t have to be static and it’s a really nice way to be intimate without being sexual. 

Protip: cuddling is also an easy way to find out where someone likes being touched. Let your hands explore your partner WITHOUT groping. There are many other erogenous zones besides the major sex organs.

Cuddle often, it relieves tension and stress, and builds intimacy and affection. Also don’t worry if you get an erection. I’ve never met a girl in the world who got offended when she was cuddling a guy and he got wood. It’s natural and many women will take it as a compliment.

This has been cuddling tips with Todd, I’ll be here all week.

SUIT & TIE || stupid valet boy

◦ pairing: reader x jin

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 6.2k

◦ request: your BTS fanfics are so amazing! could I request an angst/smut married life scenario with Jin?

◦ a/n: idk how this became so long RIP sorry xD

jungkook | taehyung | jimin | namjoon | hoseok | yoongi | jin

suit & tie || m a s t e r l i s t

“Babe, are you ready?” His eyes were fixed to the dimly lit screen he held in his hand. Tapping his foot, he glanced at his watch for the third time, standing with his other hand on the door knob.

Twisting over yourself, you bent your arm at an odd angle to tug the zipper of the dress up your back. The pink of your tongue poked out between your freshly colored lips as you struggled with the small metal thing. “Almost,” you called out from the bedroom.

“Please, we’re going to be late,” he reminded you, also for the third time.

“Jin, say it again, I swear-” you muttered under your breath. Date night seemed to always end up like this. You couldn’t even figure out why you did it anymore. Finally having had enough with the zipper, you straightened up and smoothed the dress down, examining yourself in the mirror.

Jin appeared in the doorway. Your stomach fluttered with hope for but a moment. It was naive of you, but still your entire being felt the glimmer of possibility that maybe he came to see how you looked, like he used to. He would look you up and down slowly, so you knew how fucking amazing you looked, and then walk up to you and pull you in for a kiss. His hand would drag down your back, and squeeze your ass, making you moan into the kiss, and may or may not lead to you being late to date night. You turned to face him with a smile, satisfied with your appearance. It was a new dress: pink even, his favorite color. He quickly glanced up and for a moment his eyes froze over your body and washed over with the flicker of something familiar. It was promising. Then, he flashed a tight-lipped smile and a nod before turning his gaze back towards his phone.

“Thanks, babe, you look good too,” you said to yourself with a sigh, the all-too familiar pang of disappointment settling into your chest. It had made its home there comfortably as of late.

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breadwolfbakeyoutoo  asked:

Hi hello hi how're you. I can't be the only one who thinks you're the master of drawing paws, especially when it comes to paws doing things paws aren't supposed to be doing (referring to that one page of Wurr where Soo was tying knots). I was wondering if you'd maybe consider making like a... uhh... sketch tutorial for us less talented, kinda like showing us the process of drawing paws in different activity and poses? I'm sorry in advance if this is too time consuming. Thank you anyway.


I… actually don’t know how to answer this. I’ve been drawing for over two decades, and at some point paws became so familiar to me, that I don’t really need to think about them that much. Like how you know how to ride a bike, but trying to explain the motions to someone who’s never done it themself?

But basically know how hands and dog paws work and then mush their anatomies together. How my paws work is that they’re human hands pretending to look like dog paws (=shorter fingers and hugely exaggerated finger pads), and thumb being in a funny angle (because the ACTUAL dog thumbs are useless).

(Also kind of ironic that you gave the Soo’s knot tying as an example, because I had actually no idea how to make that work, so I had my brainstorm buddy tie a knot in front of me, so I could draw her hands instead of from my own brain. So basically it’s a live referenced pair of human hands, but without pinky fingers and drawn just shorter and fatter.)